Friday, March 6, 2009

Name change

K8 has a name change today.  He is now K9.  Although, I will always think of a dog when I type that so I may need to think of something else.  V and I had a lovely afternoon off together.  We ran errands in the morning and then spent the afternoon decorating K's cake.  It was our first attempt at sculpting a cake and covering it with rolled fondant.  It actually turned out rather well for a first attempt.  We made the cake shaped like a whale- it is a family joke from bedtime when V will often flop on top of K tickling him talking about being a wormy bed whale.  Ok, I guess you have to be there for it to be funny.  Anyway, we made a wormy whale- yes, it had gummy worms inside it as well as for the spout.
V trimming the fondant.
Here I am, presenting the finished cake to a delighted K9.
K loved it!  "It is so weirdly awesome' I think was the direct quote.  Anyway, it was a wonderful afternoon working with V, laughing and being silly while we tried to figure this out.    J14 has now demanded something equally 'awesome' for her birthday. Hmm, I have 2 months to figure that one out.


  1. That's great! I've never had cake talent beyond the standard layer cake. I am making a Red Velvet cake tomorrow for my mother's 81st birthday, using her recipe. I hope it turns out as well as yours did.

  2. I love the cake, the fondant looks great! It was my DH's birthday today too!

    Happy Birthday K-9

  3. Happy birthday! What an awesome cake---my daughter would love something like that too.

  4. What a great cake.
    Happy birthday K-9 :D

  5. Jeez, lots of Bdays around here-E10 just turned 'eleventeen' at our plsce. I did an icecream cake-not difficult but has left us with too many tempting left overs! Glad you all had some good family time!

  6. Happy birthday to K9 :-) That is indeed an impressive cake, I love that it is part of a story in the family. Plus, the gummies in the spout!

  7. Wow! what a lot of birthdays out there in blogland. happy birthday to all.
    Matriarchy- A red velvet cake, Yum. They are so good but there's something about the entire bottle of food coloring- Hmm, I wonder if I could use beet juice with the same effect....
    Throwback- Happy birthday to your DH!
    Carolyn- Even mine who didn't have a birthday were impressed, unfortunately we have just raised the bar for birthday cake expectations. Uh-Oh.
    Jenn- thanks for stopping in, hope you are keeping warm while you work out.
    Hickchick- Happy birthday to your 'eleventeen' year old as well. I love ice cream cake. We have plenty of left overs from this one as well.
    Localzone-we have lots of fun with 'name calling' at our house. Not the mean, unpleasant kind of name calling but lots of teasing and playing jokes goes on around here. Bed whales is the current joke-du-jour.

  8. Happy Birthday K9! I love the cake!

  9. Happy birthday K-9. The cake looks great. I have never used fondant before... may give it a try.

  10. Oh what a neat cake! happy birthday!!

  11. Great cake, happy birthday to your boy!

  12. Beautiful job on the cake!

    Happy Birthday, K-9! ;o)

    Best Wishes! Kris

  13. AWWW, the cake is darling!!

    Happy birthday, k-9!

  14. Happy Birthday K9! THe cake looks fabulous - TYler's birthday is in April and he likes trains - hehe!


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