Tuesday, March 10, 2009

First up!

Amish Paste wins!  Followed by Cherry Roma in a close race.  India Paint eggplant in third!
Wow! who knew seed starting could be so much fun.  Some of my little seedlings are starting to pop up. Too much fun and excitement for me.  I left for work this morning- nothing-  I come home and there is a little green buddy popped up and several others beginning to show.  Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow.  I was a bit surprised by the cherry roma tomato.  It's an heirloom variety but the seed is a couple of years old.  I didn't expect it to germinate as well.  We'll see how many of them come up, though.
In house news- we're trying to work out a time to go with our realtor back out to the acreage for an extended walk through to finalize our offer.  Probably Thursday afternoon or Saturday.  
I'd do it sooner but tomorrow is a crazy day.  I11 has band until 430.  By 5 J14 and I need to be at church to serve at a soup supper and by 630 J needs to be back at the high school for her orchestra concert.  The concert is usually held on the university campus but due to flooding last year, the arts/music buildings are still out of commission. Anyway, it's going to be a long day.
Friday V has an appointment in the psych clinic that I don't want him to miss.  He seems to be holding up well from a depression standpoint, I think the excitement of the house helps and having work from his brother and other freelance jobs is good. But after the trouble we had a few years ago with his depression, I'm not taking any chances.
Thursday looks promising for us it the realtor can make it. I can most likely sneak out of work early (although I have to meet with folks from the University of Calgary from 1-2) and the kids have an early release day from school (out at 2 and 215) since they really want to come see.  
I'm getting excited.  I really, really hope this works out. Since the house is vacant, if we can come to a quick agreement on price and get all the inspections done maybe there is still time to plant some garden out there this year.  A lot of things don't go in until about Mother's day so I've got some time but the early garden may still end up at Roger's house.
Roger is a bit sad that he may be gardening alone but he's also excited about the possibilities for us.  What a good friend.  I will miss gardening with him.  We can still share seedlings since we each planted different things.
Gotta run.  I need to bake brownies for this dinner tomorrow night.


  1. Sounds like you've got a busy week! I hope everything goes good with the house, it would be great if you were to get in soon enough to have a garden there. It's good to hear V is doing well. Oh, and so exciting about the seedlings. I love how they just seem to pop up when you're not looking.

  2. Best of Luck with the house showing!!

  3. Good luck with the house! All best positive thoughts to you....
    On the seed starts, I was thinking exactly those thoughts too when I checked them this morning. Just barely a speck yesterday, only if you squint and really try to see them, and this morning there they were, real tiny seedlings :-)
    I hope V keeps hanging in and doing well. Its hard to juggle everything that is going on.

  4. Wow you've got a busy week - but I love being busy. Good luck getting in to see the house!

  5. I gotta know where you found Amish Paste seeds?! I've been hunting for them but no luck yet...

  6. Made it through my crazy Wednesday! No house visit until Saturday though.
    Melissa- I got the Amish Paste from a place called Totally Tomatoes- they're online. I also have some left if you're interested. They send a package of 30 seeds and I didn't plant that many. Send me an email


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