Thursday, March 5, 2009

Signs of spring

The first tulip!

It was a sunny 70* here this afternoon!  What a tease! The first tulips are starting to peek out of the soil.  We completely rebedded them last fall, hoping for a more spectacular show this spring in hopes of showing the house.  I'm sure it will get cold again and things aren't completely thawed anyway but it certainly makes me want to get into the garden.  I picked up my fencing material that I'm going to be using to trellis my peas (we're planting a lot more than usual so I got new fencing), and tomorrow or Saturday I'm going to be starting my tomatoes and peppers.  I think I need to try some more hot peppers. While 3 jalapeno plants and 3 hot hungarian wax should be enough I only had one Anaheim come up (out of 6 seeds started)  We eat a lot of stuffed chilis in the summer (and winter, I freeze them halved so we can stuff them).  I had really hoped for a better germination rate for them.  I don't know if it's because these are heirloom varieties and not the hybrids I've started in the past or what but I had bad luck with the hot peppers this year.
V and I talked.  With the economic news getting bleaker and bleaker, it seems, we are still hopeful about the house.  We will still plan to meet with the realtor to see what he feels are the odds of our house selling in a reasonable amount of time.  If we can sell this place, the new place is quite doable, if they accept our offer (or a reasonable one).  Again, I'm impatient and not wanting to wait.  V has been going to call but he's been busy working.  He is, in fact, still sitting at the table working on a manuscript that he has to turn back in to the publisher tomorrow morning. So, he hasn't taken the time to call to set up an appointment.  I am trying to be patient,  I realize that, given that this house has been on the market for so long, the odds that someone else will beat us to it a this point are small- but you never know.
I have tomorrow off work since I worked last Saturday.  We've got a lot planned.  A run to the local Amish bulk store- we're OUT of oatmeal and will also pick up a few other things. A trip to Menard's to pick up another fluorescent bulb for my grow lights- and we have a cake to decorate. We're going out for dinner as a family tomorrow night for K's birthday. That should be fun, it's something we rarely do.
Now, I need to go bake a cake so it is cool enough to frost tomorrow- We're making it shaped like a whale!  (family joke)  I'll take pictures.


  1. Ohhh 70!! We have 40 and rain, with calls for more accumulation of snow early next week--I am just crawling out of my skin. I need to close my eyes, sing Jimmy Buffet songs while sitting next to the furnace vent!

  2. 70*! It is supposed to get in the high 60s this weekend and I am still trying to get myself to believe it will come true - I can't wait for the "real" spring to set in and know I can walk outside without the winter layers.... Chilis are delicious stuffed. What do you put in them? I like a basic mix of cumin powder, chickpea flour, paprika, and some sauteed onion....

    I am glad you and V were able to talk through some things. Meeting with the realtor is smart, it'll give that "outside" view from someone in industry. I hope that you are able to sell quickly. The fact that the other owners have been on the market must be a good sign.

  3. Kris- I'm sure this weather won't last. We'll probably see more snow before it's all said and done but it's supposed to be in the 60s again today! Maybe we'll finally get rid of all the old snow.
    Localzone- I usually stuff my chilis with a combination of cream cheese and cheddar, maybe a few spices thrown in if I feel like it but the cheese mix is really fast and easy and it cuts the heat of the peppers. I even stuff jalapenos this way. YUM! We're out of peppers in the freezer and thinking about it makes me crave them even more!


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