Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still in limbo

Well, we met with the owners out at the property.  We didn't have a negotiation on price but they did some explanations and we did a lot of pointing out of issues we have.  The owners started out quite defensive and didn't get much better.  We were pointing out problems with the windows and he stated saying 'YES' in a quite clipped voice and said it again with every other thing we pointed out, seeming like he wasn't even listening to us.  It finally got to the point where I was about ready to slap him if he said it one more time.  They were really defensive about the amount of insulation- 'Well, do you NEED more insulation, or is it just something you would like'.  V was quick to point out that building codes here require 12 inches of attic insulation at a minimum. All this guy said was 'Oh'.   It was the same thing with the broken, rotting windows:  'Well, we lived here with them like that and it didn't bother us.  They don't leak that much cold air'.   And again with the rotten siding and fascia boards. Pretty much total denial that these were real problems. 
I was rather amused that when we got there, the husband of the couple was hastily using 'goof off' paint remover to try to fix some of the sloppy painting on the woodwork and I noticed that many of the outlet covers had been put back in place.   I did ask about the outlets and he said something on the order of 'when we painted and left, that was something we didn't get around to'.  I still just find it hard to believe that for over 6 months they haven't managed to 'get around' to it.
We haven't made another offer,  at the advice of our realtor, we're going to let them dangle in the wind for a while to think, and wait for them to contact us.  I guess it really hasn't sunk in that the market has shifted since they put this house up for sale and it's taking them a bit to realize that they aren't going to get what they wanted.  We did manage to piece together some information.  Evidently, they bought some land and are living in a trailer there, waiting for this house to sell before they can build a new home on their new land.  As our realtor said: if they don't come to their senses, it could be a really long summer in that trailer.
So, We're still in limbo- waiting for them to think a bit.  We're still willing to go up on our offer but probably not as high as they would like.  They said they're motivated, we'll just have to see how motivated they really are.


  1. Sounds like you may be making progress. He may have been defensive, but there's no doubt her must have heard what you said. They are probably having a whole lot of talking over the next couple of evenings.

    Good luck in the waiting! I know that can be hard!

  2. I wouldn't go much higher either. I think they will cave and realize they will be lucky to get what you are currently offering!

    Good luck!

  3. I can understand what the guy must have been feeling. I would hate for some people to come into the home where I had been living and start pointing out all the things that were wrong. I'm sure you were very tactful about it all. But someone has to do it if the price is beyond reality and in this case, it sounds like it is. Hang in there, you may get this yet!


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