Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Whew!  I made it.  What a day!  I didn't sleep well last night so I've been up essentially since about 230 this morning.  Oh, I dozed off and on after that but not very well.  I haven't slept well in years.  I tried the medicated sleep for a while but didn't like it.
Anyway,  after a full day of work, we picked up I11 from band, ran to the soup supper, served and ate quickly and they flew to J14's concert.  That was nice...although with as tired as I was classical music about put me to sleep.  So now, here I am, unwinding.  Hopefully I'm not too keyed up to sleep.
We have an appointment with our realtor on Saturday to go through the house with a fine tooth comb and make our offer.  While we were waiting for the concert to start V and I were talking about plans: kitchen remodel (minor), basement, outbuildings and garden space.  I hope we can come up with a reasonable offer,  I would love to know one way or another soon. Partly for purely selfish reasons.   I have the most recent Gurney's catalog.  They have a special deal that when you purchase $25 you get an additional $25 worth of merchandise free.  I was eyeing the raspberry, blueberry and strawberry deals that are already buy one get one free offers and was plotting how much I could get for about $30.  Unfortunately the offer expires on the 18th.  That's one week from today.  I don't want to get too hopeful and order, only to have something fall through and have no where to put things. But on the other hand, I can get some great deals and I'd love to get things in the ground sooner than later.  I guess at worst, I could plant things at my parent's or at Roger's place and then transplant at a later time but I hate to do that.  Well, hopefully I'll know something soon.  I think we're going to give them 2 days to respond to the offer when we make it.  I do hope they're motivated to sell.


  1. Hey, $25 isn't much money to lose and you could always tuck a raspberry bush in a corner somewhere where you live right now if you decided against the other property. They are pretty hardy and could move later without too much trouble. Hope is a wonderful thing and keeps me going on many days. We have chosen (as you have mentioned on previous entries on your blog) to also live without many things others consider "essential" so we can have our property, my garden, etc. That has been a way of life for us for years with several steps along the way.

    Although right now we have a large, lovely house with 8 acres, in the past we have chosen to live with 5 kids in a mobile, and other things like that to always have a little land and have lived with many, many sacrifices to get where we are now. To us the payoff is so worth it because living without cable, etc. seems a small price to pay to have land, a garden, a few animals, etc. (But I have had people bring others over in the past to show them the "closest thing to Little House on the Prairie" they have seen and all they looked at was my canning cupboards) Meaning, people think we are a little "different". And, I guess I am glad to say, we are different. Keep your dream alive.


  2. I bet that Gurneys would extend that offer for you if you call them. Businesses are doing whatever they can this year to get a sale due to the economy.
    So excited about the house! Hubby sounds like he is on board now too.

  3. Hey, good for you, I am crossing my fingers that you get the property!

  4. Hey Judy
    Don't worry too much about that Gurney'll get another. And another. And another. I have already. Best of luck on the house!

  5. I saw the Gurneys special too, and its so tempting... hard to stick to the "terms" of my garden plan. But I agree, they will likely extend it if you ask...
    From what you've posted, it seems like the sellers will be motivated... its been on the market a while, right? All good thoughts to you for Saturday and a smooth offer/acceptance process.

  6. Good luck with the offer, we are all hoping it goes well for you! :)

  7. Thanks for the tip on Gurney's. I blew my budget already so why not take a look, right?

    Let us know what happens when you go through the walkthrough!

  8. Good luck!
    Take a deep breath once in a while!

  9. Good luck - I too have that same offer, and am AGONIZING over what I want to buy.......there is so much that I'd love to grow....

  10. I can't wait to hear about your walk-through. I hope all goes well with your offer.

  11. I was going to say what Sue said, LOL! Sign up for their online thing and they will send you the offer every couple of weeks. Definitely you are going to have the room for blueberries and raspberries and apricots and apples and...:)


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