Monday, March 9, 2009

In the works

Things are moving on the home front.  We met this afternoon with a realtor who looked around our house and gave us his opinion on selling it.  He seemed to think that we should be able to get our top asking price for it and that it would sell relatively quickly, even in this economy.  Our location saves us again.  Even though we are a single family home, we are in a high density zoning area and evidently properties in this zone don't come up for sale often.  He pointed out some of the things we already knew- we need some painting and minor cosmetic repairs before we put it on the market.  He also gave us his opinion on the property we have been looking at.  He seemed to think that what we are thinking about offering is reasonable and encouraged us to make an offer soon, since more people are out looking when the weather warms up.  He also reminded us that acreages this close in don't come up often.  We're beginning to prepare our offer.  I think we want to go look again before we submit it and take the children along this time so they can see what we're getting into.  Things may be moving quickly from here on out. I'll keep you posted.


  1. What a relief! Knowing that your area is still doing okay and that your house can give you the best possible push towards your dream is wonderful. I can't wait to see the next step :-)

  2. This is very exciting! I hope everything goes smoothly. K

  3. That is wonderful news!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. I hope everything goes well.

    Two thoughts:
    Home Inspection
    Trust. But verify.

  5. Good news! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to following your progress on the homefront.

  6. When we bought this farm we had not yet sold our other house so we did a bridge loan. It was a little risky but WELL worth it.Good luck!

  7. Thanks for all the comments. I'm excited but still trying to not get my hopes too high in case something falls through.
    Meadowlark- you crack me up! We are already planning a home inspection and stipulating that the septic system needs emptied and inspected as well since I have some concerns about it.
    Country Girl- we're fortunate that we don't have a mortgage on our current home and don't need to wait to sell it before getting somewhere new. In fact, the realtor agreed with me that we are more likely to sell it if we AREN'T living here- we're so outgrown in this house things are stacked everywhere. And with 3 kids and a dog, trying to keep it 'showing ready' is a laugh.


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