Friday, March 13, 2009


Tomorrow is the day.  We go for another look see- kids in tow, and make our plan for an offer on the property.  We've been having fun making plans.  V and J14 are talking about turning part of the riding arena into a mediaeval fighting ground, or an open air theatre. Me, I just want my raised bed garden spot.  But as big as it is, we would have room for both.  V has been researching how to better insulate the pole barn.  It should be fun. We've begun to come to terms with the amount of work that will be involved with this house.
I'm a bit anxious though.  Today was a crazy-busy day at work and now we're unwinding.  We got a bottle of pre-mixed zombies and have been sampling.  Maybe that's why I'm having trouble typing correctly.  While we do indulge in alcoholic beverages (I know some of you are SHOCKED! by this) we really don't drink that much.  I haven't had a zombie since my college days- Wow!
V just refilled my glass- I'd better go while I can ;)


  1. You go girl. I don't drink much anymore but it is kinda nice on occassion.

  2. It's pretty sad-now a glass of wine gets me buzzed and I fall asleep! It sounds like your family is excited about the potential move-like you have all made peace with the actual move-that is so good! Kris

  3. Good luck today! It sounds like V is feeling better about the venture. Raised garden beds will be amazing for you.

  4. Good luck on your adventure today - and I think I need one of those drinks!! hehe


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