Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The cable company lied

Oh, we have cable TV, but the internet access...that's a different story. We can see the internet (kind of) we just can't connect. The system keeps telling us that our account number doesn't exist when we try to log in. We have called and V went to their office yesterday. The woman there told him that transfers of service 'confuse' the system and that it sometimes takes up to 30 days to sort it out. 30 days!!! I don't think so. We'll keep working on in, hopefully I can have access other than at work soon.


  1. That doesn't seem right about the internet. I know we have alot of problems with Media com...I wish there was better. Glad your moved it..It must be a relief...You have a great day..Lisa

  2. I'm guessing you have service through MediaCON... and no, that spelling was most definitely intentional.

  3. Just the mention of Cable Companies is enough to put me into a fit of swearing and stomping my feet and gnashing my teeth making terrible nasty fierce faces and wierd noises eminating from my being....they do lie...and they have no idea what the other person is doing...and they don't care...they are an upgrade above being the nastiest people on earth...debbie

  4. Judy, that's a bummer...cuz, you know WE NEED PICTURES!!!
    And don't listen to Debbie-she is incapable of being nasty!! Haha!
    Hope you get it straightened out soon.

  5. No internet! That is cruel. I rely on that instant at your fingertip information way too much.

    Best of luck.


  6. Gack!!! Not good at all. I hate when those kinds of things go wrong anyway, and even more so during stressful times like moves. 30 days!!! Is there another cable company you can talk to?

  7. Go eat some jam.
    You'll be fine.


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