Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fair time

We spent the evening at the Johnson County Fair. We try to go every year. Initially we went to introduce the children to farm animals that they didn't get to see living in the city. Now they keep asking "Can we get one of those?"
A baby alpaca- too cute!
And then there were the obligatory smoked turkey legs:
I12 munches away.
J15 makes it a whole face experience.
After eating we looked at the animals, checked out the exhibits and then did some rides. It's not a huge fair but it's fun. We're fortunate that we are able to park at my friend Roger's house, where I used to share a garden. He lives right by the fairgrounds (well, one bean field over) and we can park there and avoid traffic in and out of the parking lot.
The fair from Roger's house.
In other news, our old house is on the market. Our realtor wants us to spruce up the landscaping a bit. We know it needs work so after work I walked to the old house and did some weeding. I'm thinking that a bit of weeding and some new mulch will work wonders. Things were a bit neglected while we were working on the new house that I didn't keep up with the weeds. Our realtor wants us to have it done by Tuesday when he and a group of realtors will be doing a 'tour and comment' on all the new listings for the week. I'm a bit worried about what they will say, they do a walk through and critique what's wrong with your house that you need to fix to get it to sell. However, on a positive note, our realtor is closing on two houses within a few blocks of ours this week. He said that both of them were on the market for less than a week before they had an accepted offer. Not only do we have a desirable zoning but we also live in a high demand neighborhood for the elementary school. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


  1. It looks like you all had a great time! I'd love to go to a fair like that - as you said, it is a chance to see animals and ideas that I don't get to see in regular life. Good thoughts for you on the house. Eep on the realtor's timeline though. He seems to have a good track record though, so that's a good sign.

  2. Oh I hope your kids get some animals - they are a lot of fun and responsibility!! Here's to hoping your house sells in a hurry

  3. Good luck on selling the house! I'd try to think of the realtors' comments as helpful, and do what you can. As livinginlocal said, it sounds like he's got a good track record!

  4. good Luck selling the old house!!Some nice family will come and snatch it up. Now...for the kids...a cute little horsie...or three little sheep, or a luck...debbie

  5. What a great fair. I have always wanted to go to an real American country fair.

    One day perhaps. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale for you guys too!


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