Sunday, July 19, 2009


and found.
One tired puppy.
We had a scare last night. Ticket managed to break the latch on his tie out line and escaped. We didn't discover that he was gone for probably 20-30 minutes and didn't know where he had gone. We searched and called. Living within 20 yards of a state highway I was really scared that he would be a casualty of a large truck. Or I was worried that he would get into someone's livestock and would be shot (I have no reason to believe that he would attack livestock but he probably broke his line lunging after a rabbit in the yard). Fortunately for us, he still has his license tags and was found by one of our new neighbors. They have dogs and they fed him and kenneled him for the night and this morning took him to one of the local vets (not the ones we bought the property from) and they looked up the license info and called. We actually found out they had him before we got the call- they called our old number in town and left a message- The wife was on her way back from dropping him off when she spied V looking plaintively in the ditch and asked if we had lost a dog.
Anyway, he is safely returned and we are looking at getting a new line for him. We will all sleep better tonight.


  1. Close call. Hopefully he becomes more acclimated to his new home soon! Kris

  2. Gosh, I am so happy you found him! It must be so awful to lose a pet in that way and not know what happened. What a lucky pooch he is.

  3. How awful! I would just be petrified if Lincoln got out of the fence. He is not street savy either. Am so glad things worked out and you found him! Such nice neighbors to try and find his owners!!...debbie

  4. What a relief to have him home, especially these first few days!

  5. Glad it turned out okay-it's so scary losing a pet!

  6. whoo! my little brother's pup, krystal (who lives here with my parents) somehow sneaks out of the fence every now and then and goes for adventures. we are maybe 100ft from a major road (biggest one in these parts, anyway), and that always worries me. but she always seems to come back within an hour or two, looking pleased with herself.


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