Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheesy walls

My old dining room walls- they are covered with cheese. Well, cheese colored paint, that is. We've been amused that the color of paint that we chose to paint the downstairs walls and stairwell is food related. The color is "soft brie"- or in spanish- 'queso suave'. I was curiously amused by the idea of suave cheese covering my walls. But the dining room is painted at the old house. We were hoping to not have to paint our bedroom but having moved furniture and discovered some staining behind my cedar chest (under a window where it has rained in on occasion) we decided that it will have to be painted as well. I can finish painting the bedroom tomorrow after work and I have Friday off (I worked last Saturday) so I can finish the trim paint. The house will be on the market this weekend. Woo Hoo!! What a major hurdle cleared!!!
We heard from J15- they made it to New Orleans safely and she attended the first event in the Super Dome this evening. I'll be honest- the thought of 36,000+ teenagers from all over the country seems a bit overwhelming. But she called and said it is more fun than she had imagined it would be. Tomorrow they have a 'learning event', Friday afternoon they have time for sightseeing and Saturday they will spend the day in 'service' at the WWII museum. I'm not sure what they will be doing there but it is something related to post Katrina restoration.
V hopes to frame J15's room this weekend. She is really hoping for a room when she returns on Monday. We also need the space. With most of the basement unusable due to construction- storage space is at a premium.
In more mundane news- we had nearly 3 inches of rain yesterday. 2.75 to be exact. And we had some minor water leaks in the basement again (sigh). We actually think it may be coming up through the floor in some spots. There is a hill to the North of us and there is the possibility that the water pressure building up on the North side of the house is forcing the water in. I'm really glad that the field on the hill is in hay and not planted. I hate to think of the runoff if it was tilled.
Things are very slowly getting unpacked. V finally got his computer set up and so is back at work this week and I've been working full time at the hospital. Since we're trying to clean up the old house to sell, unpacking has been rather low on the totem pole of priorities. I am frustrated that I can't remember what box I packed the cats' medical records into. They have an appointment with our vet on Friday morning (Mandy has worms!) and I can't find the records. I remember packing them, thinking that this was a great box to put them in but, now, the box I thought they were in- isn't it. I guess it's not the end of the world if I don't find them right away. We have Mandy's rabies vaccination certificate (she got hers last Wednesday when she got spayed) and I know Spaz got his vaccination the day we picked them up- it's just that the certificate is MIA.
Of course, I also can't find by blow dryer or my favorite t-shirt. They're somewhere- it's just that WHERE is the question...


  1. Funny about the paint name! I'd burst out laughing for quite a few days after painting... what a relief it much be to have the other house on the market. That in-between time is the hardest, I think. At least it was for me when I was moving last year. Things were in limbo - sort of at the old place, sort of at the new, and not really anywhere. Are you keeping the old place vacant when it goes on the market (i.e. no furniture I mean) or showing it was a bit of furniture in there?

  2. I love hearing the paint names they come up with!! Hope you get all the painting done. It took me 9 months to unpack when we moved....but I wasn't very motivated at all.....Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Hilarious about the colors-FYI-suave does mean soft in Spanish. It's pronounced swa-vay.....not the suave we associate it with in English ;)

  4. Marilyn, Thanks for the reminder. I speak enough Spanish to know what they were saying- I just find it amusing. I do so love the paint names. We had another one that was Shitake. That one was for trim on the back landing- I feel like we're turning the house into a canape!
    I guess I'm just tired enough to be easily amused.
    Kris- please don't tell me it will take 9 months! Of course, at the rate we're finishing the basement, it may take that long.
    mangochild- we're leaving the house totally empty. And yes, I have absolutely hated the limbo of being in two places. While it's crazy living out of boxes- at least it's all in one place.

  5. With all the practice J15 has had lately she shouldn't have a problem with "restoration". I can't imagine 36,000 teenagers at one place at one time. I'm glad she made it safely and is having fun.
    The unpacking will be a breeze now that you have all the major things done. Goodluck with selling the house. I hope it goes quick, so that you can relax and enjoy your new home.

  6. Somewhere is that mystery box with all the missing objects from the move. I haven't found MINE yet, but its gotta be here....somewhere!
    Good luck finding yours!

  7. i do that all the time, it seems - put some important document or item somewhere particular, thinking exactly the same thing... "this is a great place to put this! i will Definitely remember it here"

    and then, later... "where the heck did i think was such a great place?!?! so much for that!"


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