Friday, July 3, 2009

Drywall and massacres

It's been a busy day here. I was up early cooking and baking. It's my turn to provide bread for the Sunday service at church this week so I baked some bread this morning. I also created a summer fruit massacre that I'll be featuring in a bit.
But in better news. We worked at the house all afternoon (V had work to do this morning and I was in the kitchen). J15 and I got half the bathroom drywalled!!! Tomorrow we will finish the drywall and hopefully have time to put down the tile backer board so Sunday we can put down the ceramic tile. Maybe by the end of the weekend we can have a functional bathroom upstairs.

Drywall in the bathroom!!
We're still working on getting all the animals to play nicely together. It's amazing, Ticket is doing better with Mandy, the kitten, than with Spaz, who has supposedly lived with dogs before. Mandy is much more willing to let the dog sniff and lick her. At least Spaz is big enough to fend for himself.
Ticket is still getting to know Mandy.

I did make jam this morning. I didn't have enough of any one thing so we have a melange of fruits. Black raspberry, blueberry and peach. J15 nicknamed it "summer fruit massacre" and it stuck. It's REALLY good.
Summer fruit massacre!
Tomorrow is another busy day. We're planning to take some time tomorrow to celebrate the holiday and just enjoy being out at the house. J15 has another date with her new beau to see the fireworks. I don't know- 3 dates in two weeks. It must be serious. The scary thing is- he has his license and drives!!! EEEK.


  1. Have a great Fourth, Judy!

  2. Happy 4th of July! And yey on the drywall progress! Being able to say "done that" (even in part) is satisfying. Funny on the jam, it sounds delicious.

  3. The dreaded drywall. I don't mind putting it up but I hate finishing it. I like the name of the jam. Have a great weekend.

  4. Fruit Massacre sounds delicious!! You may send me 3 bottles. I will eat it and think of you! Shor' looks good!! lol Bathroom is coming to life I see! NOT LONG!! Hope you had a great 4th - am sure you worked your butt off...while I sat on the front porch in the mountains and read and watched it was a chilly 63...and that was the hightes timep all 4 days!! ...debbie


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