Sunday, July 5, 2009

Progress- a long weekend in pictures

Whew! What a weekend. I have been a bit frustrated since it seems that we haven't been able to get out to work until lunchtime all the four days I've been off. Of course, there have been good reasons. But much progress has been made. Thursday morning J15 and I moved almost the entire contents of my closet to the new house while V worked at home- he had a big deadline for his paying job. But in the afternoon we got the drainage system finished for the house. And just in time- Friday night into Saturday morning we had 8/10 inch of rain and....the basement was dry!!!! Hoorah! It appears to have worked. Friday, the boys hauled composted horse manure from the barn/yard to put on top of the plastic rain barrier next to the house. Now I just need to plant some pretty annuals for landscaping and we're all set.
I didn't have much time to work in the garden but at least we got rain so I didn't have to haul water.
We got another head of broccoli- YUM!!!

The basement- will it ever be ready to move in???
V works on the last of the heating/air ducts.
The basement is a mess, without any walls as yet. But it is dry. and much of it has the insulation up and V finished the duct work today. We did get the concrete slab poured and the air conditioner unit is moved back into position. We just need to have someone come and reconnect it and recharge the system and we're all set. The ducts are all reconnected and the system works. We had the fan running this afternoon to circulate the air.
While V worked on the duct work. J15 and I worked on the upstairs bath. The drywall is all up, the cabinet is set in place and the tile backer subfloor is all ready to go.
It doesn't look like much but it represents several days of hard work!
We will tile get the toilet and sink base in place next, then tile the floor, and finally, tape and mud the walls. It still seems like a lot to do but we're making good progress.
The tile is all ready to go!
We're feeling the crunch now. We are required by terms of our mortgage to move by the 21st, so we're in the final push now. We're probably not going to have the basement finished, maybe not even J15's room done. But she will be gone for a week in New Orleans from the 20th to the 27th so maybe we can finish her room then.
I"m going to see how much time off I can talk my co-workers into this week. We NEED to get this done!!!!!
I hope you all had a fabulous long holiday weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a really productive weekend. Everything looks like its moving(haha) right along....and I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get moved in smoothly. Have a great week, Judy!

  2. A lot of work accomplished in the long weekend! The tile you're using in the bath is identical to what my brother just did in my Mom's bath.
    Hopefully, you can get time off in the next couple weeks to finish things up.

  3. Tic Toc...Tic Toc...Tic Toc...time is marching on...tic toc....20 days left...tic toc...tic toc...I have faith in you and your family...tic toc...tic get it all done but the basement...tic...toc...the bath tile is pretty!!...tic toc...glad your basement didn't leak...tic toc...and that you have lots of horse poo to work with...tic toc...tic toc...Wish I could lend you a hand...tic toc...Bye Judy...tic toc...tic toc...debbie

  4. You've really gotten lots done! ANd I bet when you actually move in, you'll get even more done - you won't be driving back and forth or caring for 2 houses! Have a great week!

  5. I love those weekends when one gets a lot done. Alas, I didn't have one of those. :( Well done! What achievements you are all making each and every day, and it all looks so great.

  6. One day you will look back at all this and just laugh. It sure is nice to be able to look back and SEE the things you accomplished. Nice work!


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