Thursday, July 16, 2009


We got internet access today. Hooray!!! So, a few pictures to satisfy your curiosity.
A gift in the mail!
When we got to the house on Saturday there was a package in the mail. THANKS MEADOWLARK!!! I can't wait to try them.
My new dryer- delivered on Tuesday.
But of course, it couldn't go off without a hitch, could it. I washed a load of towels, threw them in my new dryer and went upstairs to do the dishes. 30 minutes later, I thought I'd check to see how they're doing. EEEK! there is water leaking out from under the dryer and the towels are still wet. It seems that the dryer vent to outside was completely clogged with dog fur and lint and all the moisture was condensing in the vent hose and running down onto the floor. SIGH. I really wonder how the former owners managed to live like this. That much of a clog obviously didn't happen overnight- I wonder how they did laundry. I don't have my clothesline up yet- hopefully this weekend. But the vent is cleared and the dryer is wonderful.
The upstairs bath.
Ok, not the best picture, but the tile is in and the toilet works. The sink still isn't connected but hopefully soon.
Our bedroom???
If we can find the bed under all the stuff. Actually, this is before we had even more stuff loaded in the house.
J15 and her boyfriend B.
They did a fantastic job helping out. It was so nice to have a teenage farm boy to help move heavy furniture and appliances. He also took multiple loads of stuff from the garage in his pickup. He has even come back a few afternoons this week to see what else he can help with. He wants to help frame the basement walls. We're not objecting- I guess we haven't scared him away yet. Actually, of the guys J15 has dated this guy is definitely a keeper.
The truck.
We backed it up over the front lawn so se could run the ramp to the porch. That way we didn't have to move things down any more stairs than necessary. This is the first load. After that I got too busy to take pictures of the move.
The living room, piled with boxes.
The kitchen: counters stacked to the max.
My storage for the week.
One local store had a great deal on blueberries. So I stocked up. The canisters are my Mom's idea. Since they are airtight they do a great job at keeping the berries from getting 'freezery'. All you need to do is unscrew the top and pour out as many frozen berries as you need.

I'll try to catch up with what everyone has been doing but my time is rather limited. I feel a bit guilty even posting this since I have millions of things to do.


  1. We're GLAAAAD!! Missed you! It is amazing how people can live in such conditions...daddy used to call them: "Binnywaters". Bathroom is looking good. Our bathroom re-do hasn't happened. Never heard back from the contractor. You just can't count on anyone anymore. Boy, there sure is a lot of boxes. If I were close I'd help ya'. It's very nice that J15 has a nice young man for a honey. Don't get too attached...he will be one of many. lol I like your kitchen cabinets!They're nice and big! like the white. This morning I dropped a whole quart of Blueberries on the floor and let out a few explatives and poor Lincoln hid under the table. Blueberries are not easy to pick up....Good luck putting everything away. I know it won't be fun!...debbie

  2. Wow looking great! They just let the water run on the floor.

    Hmm my parents didn't let me date when I was 15 lol

    I like all the cupboard space in the kitchen!

  3. Wow, you have a lot of organizing ahead of you. Glad your daughter found a helpful guy! I'm sure you'll have everything up and running before ya know it. Ooooo, now I gotta go organize something!

  4. So glad to see you in your house and back! Enjoy the unpacking! hahaha

  5. Congratulations on the move! At least the unpacking is much more enjoyable than the packing....finding a new place for everything, etc.
    I'm with you on the former owners! How did they live in those conditions?!?
    Hope you get settled in soon.

  6. Glad to see that you're moved in and glad to here from you. I hope the unpacking will go smooth and fast for you. I don't mind the packing and the hauling but the unpacking and placing things I really procrastinate on.

  7. Congrats on all the progress! But gack, that dryer had to go and cause problems.
    I'd like to see a pic of the canisters, they sound fascinating.

  8. It's so nice to see you moved in! Everything is looking really great. Did you replace the flooring in the kitchen? It looks really nice.
    Keep up the great work and can't wait to see more pics as things move along.


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