Sunday, December 13, 2009

All sung out

It has been a long, busy day and I think I've sung more today than I have in a long, long time. First, the children's Christmas program was this morning at our church. All the children had parts. I12 was a narrator, K9 was a shepherd and J15 had the final reading (not a real part). Then church- which was the annual service of lessons and carols. This is usually one of my favorite services of the year since there is lots of singing- but this year, they selected a lot of obscure, rather downbeat songs. That, and the fact that there were 2 baptisms today, and the service seemed to go on forever!!! Following church, the high school youth served a soup and sandwich lunch (guess who was working there), the trees in the sanctuary were decorated and then we went driving all over town caroling. We made only 4 stops but three of them were more like performances than just caroling. We visited 3 long term care facilities and gave 30 minute concerts at each. It was fun but tiring, and, of course, none of these places could be located anywhere near each other. After caroling, I had to give rides home to 2 of J15's friends who were riding with us and... of course- they live on opposite sides of town.
Poor I12, even after caroling he wasn't done. He had rehearsal for the church band this afternoon as well. They play next week so things are picking up there as well. J15 and I stopped at the grocery store while we waited for him and picked up a few things so we could at least make efficient use of some of our time today.
Now, after all of that, I'm tired. I had hoped to have some time this afternoon to bake cookies but it wasn't meant to be. But the faces of those people at the care centers made the whole afternoon worth it. And you know, we sounded pretty darned good, too! J15 and I can do some mean harmonies together and I12 still has that sweet little boy voice- at least for the moment.
V and K9 didn't go caroling with us. They came home after lunch and worked on cleaning out the garage. Tomorrow, finally, we're getting delivery of our insulation for the attic which will get stashed in the garage until Friday/Saturday when I have the day off and we're planning to put it in. Much, much later than we had hoped but V had to finish all the re-wiring up there before we cover it all over with insulation. The fun never ends around here. But at least, after this next weekend, we'll be warmer and more energy efficient.


  1. Wow, busy day-I'm tired just listening to all you do! :)

  2. Busy! I'm laughing at the "obscure and downbeat" song selection! I remember all of us teenagers at our farm church going caroling to all the shut-ins and elderly out in the country every Christmas. They always knew we were coming and fed us so much sugar! Glad you had fun, time to rest now!

  3. Sounds like a fun day - even if it was busy! You got lots of snow. I've decided I want a blizzard lasting from next Tuesday night through SUnday morning - where we are snowed in and the power is out and everything shut down.......that is my Christmas wish - haha

  4. Sounds like a really fun day of singing. I love to sing Christams Carols. Don't sing well, but I like to. Such a busy family. I'm sure it's hectic but oh so worth all the trouble. Knowing your children participate in these activities that give other people such happiness listening to them sing! Merry Christmas! ho ho ho...debbie

  5. Sounds like a busy, but fun day! I've never gone caroling, but there was a great group every year near my parents' home, and hearing them always brought a smile to my face


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