Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day photos

I woke up this morning to this:
Oops, forgot to turn off the flash!
Better picture but not good weather.
I love the pre-dawn blue!
It's definitely a winter wonderland!
The highway is snow covered and nearly abandoned.
Seeing the road conditions, the forecast and the occasional periods of white out, I opted to NOT go to work today. The university canceled classes but the hospital never closes. The highway patrol is recommending no travel unless it's an emergency and I didn't consider getting to work an emergency. It will cost me a vacation day but better safe than sorry. The wind has picked up even more and the 8 or so inches of snow is now being blown all over. It's hard to tell how much we got since it's all been blown around.
I've been up since 4am, trying to decide if I could get to work (V didn't take that long to decide he wouldn't take me to the bus stop!) The first snow plow didn't go by until about 6:40- and there haven't been many since then. Makes me glad we're well stocked.
and beautiful.
The poor dog, he wants to go out...
and almost immediately wants to come back in.
But it's fun to bundle up and play in the snow.
We're going to try to put up the tree this afternoon and maybe make cookies. Right now the children are weirded out. I got out the tail of our cow and am currently simmering it for ox tail soup. I think that having that much of an identifiable body part is a bit much for them- at least that it's a tail.
Maybe I'll post some more snow day pics later.


  1. Great pictures.I love the same kind of weather, nothing like a gray day when it's snowing. Check out scenes from where we live.

  2. After digging out my wife's CRV, I took it for a spin on the four-lanes. They are completely snowpacked but not all that bad with all wheel drive. I certainly want to drive too far with just two wheel drive. My wife is also staying home though. Thankfully the wind is now beginning to taper down.

  3. Burrrrrr...looks mighty cold there! The kids are probably excited! Glad you didn't go into work. Sometimes it's just not worth the possibility of being hurt and your car crunched. How much snow do you have now? We had 60-70 mile an hour winds. I went shopping and it was hard keeping the car on the road. We had partly cloudy skies and 61 degree temp until afternoon when it fell to 53. We are supposed to get more high winds and rain tonight. Stay warm, and stay safe!! ...debbie

  4. Hey Judy - nice pics! So beautiful - glad you got to stay home. Hope it was a productive and enjoyable day.

  5. Those pre-dawn pics are beautiful! Stay safe on the roads...

  6. I know it causes you all terrible problems but I so love snow, well to see it at least! Hope you all stayed warm.


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