Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's snowing heavily here and the wind is starting to pick up. We've got probably 5 or more inches already and the worst of the storm is yet to come. The children had an early release from school. I, of course, had to work. But we went sledding after I got home- yup, sledding in the dark! It was FUN!!! Of course, now my back is reminding me that I hurt it last week- but it was so worth it. The hill running South from the house is definitely a kick-ass sledding hill!!!
We're pretty sure that the children will have a snow day tomorrow. We've got a blizzard warning through the entire day tomorrow and authorities are already advising against travel unless it's an emergency. I'm holding my breath about getting to work. Very, very rarely the hospital calls an emergency situation and only essential personnel need to report. That is one time I'm happy to be considered non-essential. They did it for a while during the floods of 2008- at that time we worked with minimal staffing rather than none. In the past when the weather was really bad, I was the one who always showed up since I walked and didn't 'have an excuse' to not be there (like I was any safer walking 1.3 miles through a winter storm than someone having to drive!) Now, living out in the country, I'll have to see what the road conditions are before I decide. Since this is our first winter in this house, we don't know where the drifts will form yet. Personally, I'm hoping for a 5 foot drift right in front of the garage!
In other work news- I had my interview this afternoon. It's hard to gauge how it went. It was very odd being interviewed by people I know, including 2 who I work closely with on a daily basis. Like I said- odd. They've still got 2 more to interview for the position I applied for and I have an 'open forum' over the lunch hour next week where anyone in the department can come and ask me questions. I'm more worried about that than I was about the interview.
We still haven't put up the tree yet, maybe tomorrow if it's a snow day. And I need to figure out when to plan the cookie baking extravaganza. I work on Saturday so that's out. Maybe the following weekend- I'll have a three day weekend. We'll see.
I hope all of you in the path of this storm stay warm and safe.


  1. Hoping you and yours stay warm, dry and safe.

  2. I've been following the storm's path on the weather station. We had light rain today. We aren't supposed to get anything but rain and some wind. Hope their right. Glad your interview went OK. Reilly is here tonight. She is asleep in the recliner. Guess I should put her to bed. Thomas The Train is just going off the video. Stay warm!! Drive safe if you have to go out in the morning...which I hope you don't have too....debbie

  3. If you have to work please drive safely..I'm trying to convince my husbnad not to go tomorrow as he works in Iowa City...the schools up here had a snow day and have already closed Cedar Rapids Schools for tomorrow..I'm glad your interview went well...Stay warm and bunker down for those winds..Lisa

  4. Iowa City Schools are closed tomorrow , ach that snow is bitter. There be tons of bunnies out in the yard tonight though. I do wonder what thats about.

  5. We're just starting to get our snow. Yea!! The snowmobiles are parked right outside the back door, the sled is next to the deck, and the ski's are all waxed and ready.
    Hope you get your wish and can't go to work!!

  6. No snow here, but lots and lots of rain! Today, the rain has stopped, but it's crazy windy!! Overnight it warmed up to about 50 degrees, now it's dropping again. It's supposed to get down to 22 with possible snow showers this afternoon.
    I hope you get a snow day from work, but if not be careful driving. Stay safe!

  7. Hope you didn't have to work today & are enjoying the day at home. that's what I am doing "-)


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