Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking of Spring

Already! I've got a post up at Homemakers Who Work about dreaming over seed catalogs. It's one of my favorite Winter pastimes. Do you have any favorite seed catalogs or companies?


  1. I personally only buy from Baker Creek anymore. It eases my mind that I don't have to sort through the GMOs. I occasionally order fruit bushes from Gurneys.

  2. It's so funny. I almost had my seed order ready, then someone passed along a Baker Creek Heirloom catalog. I had to redo my whole order! An amazing catalog. I'm ordering from them instead of Seed Savers Exchange this year.
    I also order from Pinetree, wholesale for large amounts from HPS, onions from Dixondale, and Totally Tomatoes. I do have to sort out the hybrids, though, when using anyone besides Baker Creek.


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