Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More snow day pics

Oosh, it took us about 4 hours to clear the driveway! Of course, there were drifts up to mid thigh deep all the way across and all the muck the snowplows threw into the mix. It was rather frustrating since the wind was still howling and many of the drifts were already reforming when we finished. The wind is still howling now. It kept snowing off and on all day. We got maybe 10 inches total??? but it's so hard to tell with the wind.
We finally made it down to the highway.
Doesn't this look like a busy state highway to you???
The view to the South...

and North.
V decided it was just as well he didn't order the snow blade- there was so much snow that he's not sure it could have handled it anyway. The 3 to 4 foot drifts would most likely have overwhelmed the 14 inch blade. So... we're thinking of acquiring a snow blower. Fortunately, the annual card from my parents arrived (with a $$ gift) so we think they may be going to get us a snowblower for the holidays.
Mom always makes counted cross stitch cards for all of us- I've got many years of them saved. Here is this year's:
Isn't it pretty?
With all the shoveling going on, I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have hoped. We did have ox-tail soup for dinner but didn't get cookies made. But....
We did put up the tree
Spaz is thoroughly fascinated.
Given that the cats are curious and slightly insane, we opted to NOT put up anything that may be breakable this year. That took many of our favorites out of the mix so the tree looks a bit more bare than usual. That and Mandy's obsession with plastic puts tinsel right out of the picture. The majority of our ornaments have stories behind them. This year, we put up many of the plastic ones we used when the children were quite small (that we haven't had to use for years). But we still have some old standards:
Little counted cross stitch angels that I made for gifts a few years ago
A cinnamon stick stable that J15 made when she was about 5.
We already got the call that the children don't have school again tomorrow but I still need to try to get to work. We're likely to have to re-clear the driveway so we can get the car out...oh, for a 4 wheel drive vehicle...but that's not in our future any time soon.
What a first winter storm for us to have here. It's being said that this is the worst storm in over 10 years here. So, at least we know we can survive 'the worst' pretty well. Of course, after 4 hours of shoveling, my back is talking to me again! I see Advil in my future....


  1. I hear you with the snow! We are the only follks in the ntire neighborhood who still shovel! Our double lot on the corner amounts to one block of sidewalk. our salvation in heavy snows has been a snow scoop. I'll post pictures tomorrow if i get the chance...stay warm now.

  2. Wow! That's a lot of snow. We got some in CT, but it was quickly washed away by the rain for the most part. The drifts, one side of my house and porch gets all the snow blown on it. I remember last year there was a storm during which the actual total was something like 10 inches, but on that porch the drifts put it at almost 20 inches! That's nothing like what you face over there though. Ooof.

    Your tree looks great. I like the cinnamon stick stable.

  3. Looks pretty darn cold there. Eeek, all that shoveling by hand. We'd have to do the same. We bought a new tractor last year and don't have a blade for it yet so we'd be SOL. Your tree is so pretty! I like the manger too, so cute! We put plastic ornaments on the bottom and glass on top because of the cat, dog, and grandgirls!! lol Hope you got to work ok today. I'm not fond of driving in snow - it's scary!! The cross stitch ornament your mom made is just beautiful! I used to cross stitch many, many years ago. I found it relaxing. Take Care! Stay Warm and Merry Christmas!!...debbie

  4. Yikes! How long is your driveway? I hear this last snow was the heavy "heart attack" snow to careful and get on that snowblower idea! They have some blowers and plows that attach to ATV's if you have one of those already, lol...that will make the kids want to do it!

  5. You are officially entered in the drawing for A Story of the West!

  6. Gorgeous cross stitch. What a lovely family tradition! I adore your tree, and your cat enjoying it. Our girls are so excited because we are going to get ours today and dress it this evening.

  7. I love the cross stitch pieces! We have a tree cat, too, last year she found a spot about half way up where the branches would hold her, and she would roost in there---had to be careful not to scare her or she'd make a big mess when she launched...


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