Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Out of touch

Things around here are crazy and getting crazier by the day. I'll probably be around here in blogdom sporadically for a while until my life settles down. With work and house and holiday preps I'm burning the candle at both ends and in the middle some days.
I had my open forum with department staff today over lunch. My official interview last week was OK but I never know how I do on these things. Today I had no idea what to expect but it didn't go badly...random questions from about 15 people who showed up. The last of the forums for the position I'm going for are tomorrow and then the search committee will make a decision. We'll see what happens.
The children have been having many rehearsals for a variety of musical activities this week, in prep for the holidays. Last weekend was a bust for me getting anything done as will be this weekend. At least I have Friday off so I can finish some holiday gift shopping. I'm just about done with my gift lists. K9 wants a pocketknife so I need to go find a nice one for him as well as a couple of other things.
Saturday is our insulation marathon, Sunday I12 needs to be at church all morning since he band he is playing in is performing at both services, and sometime I need to wrap gifts and make cookies.
I had hoped to get some baking done tonight but I12 had rehearsal, then there was dinner and now I'm just too tired to even think about it. Maybe I'll get something started tomorrow evening since no one has to go anywhere and I don't have to get up too early on Friday (Ooo, I can sleep in until 630!!) Maybe I can knock out some biscotti that I'm planning on for gifts- except that K9 ate all the craisins (sigh). I'll have to see what else I have in stock.

I'll try to keep tabs on what is going on in everyone's lives but I can't promise much for the next few weeks. I hope you are all staying sane this time of year.


  1. Busy busy.....tis the season!
    Best of luck on the position you want. Wouldn't that be a nice little gift!

  2. You are one busy woman, with one big busy family! somehow it'll get done. Glad to hear you have Friday off. Hopefully you can do your last minute shopping, bake and wrap and "get er done"!! I hope you get the new job and will put in a few prayers for you. As Sue says, it would be a nice little gift! Merry Christmas...debbie

  3. That does sound a little too crazy - not enough hours in the day kind of crazy. Do what you can. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the job front.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. I agree with Conny, all we can do is what we can. You'll get it done, I'm sure. Positive thoughts sent your way for the position you want at work.

  5. Hi Judy..I hope you get the new position! I am stressed too. Tis the season. Remeber to take 20 minutes a day for yourself :-)

  6. Yes, crazy is definitely putting it politely! ;)

    Good luck on the job!! Sending lots of positive vibes.

  7. Hey! I've got some craisins and I'd run them over, but I'm headed home and then to a ballgame in the other direction that won't get over until late and then I'm crowding tomorrow. I keep telling myself I'll miss the kid crazy chasing when they're gone and I know I will. I know what you mean about being too tired. If I get home and I'm not too tired, I try not to sit down, just throw on an apron and keep going. I got some cookies baked on 2 days that way, some had to be chilled and I did them the next day, but that's OK, too. Just eat the elephant one bite at a time... :o)


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