Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's finally done

V finally finished up the last of the insulation! Hurrah!!! Just in time for the freezing rain to hit.... boo...
But we now have just over 20 inches of warm, toasty insulation in the attic.
Here is the pitiful amount that was up there to begin with:
Yup, that's an accurate reading... sad isn't it.
And the previous owners said they had an energy audit and were told it was sufficient. Yeah, right!
During installation.
We installed two layers of R30 insulation.
Finished! A sea of yellow fiberglass
We've been getting rain/freezing rain/sleet mix all day and it's supposed to continue through tomorrow. Then it's supposed get cold and change to snow on Friday- Just in time for us to travel to my parent's.
I'm off until Monday and I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. I need to finish wrapping presents tonight so we can relax tomorrow evening .


  1. Certainly makes a big difference. What kind of insulation is that old stuff. I thought it was wet concrete at first. I'm all ready for Christmas! Can't wait till they all arrive. I am cooking today so I won't have so much to do tomorrow! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!! ...debbie MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Debbie- the old insulation was ancient blown cellulose stuff. There wasn't much to begin with and it has most likely settled over time. To their credit, there was a bit more insulation over the bathroom but just a few bats of fiberglass thrown down. I'm really hoping we'll see a difference in the heating bill next month.
    I hope you and yours have a fabulous Christmas!

  3. Hey Judy - ah... insulation, it's a great thing! What a nice job to cross off your list. Merry Christmas!

  4. Amazing how 50 or 60 miles further south makes a difference. We've gotten just rain so far. It sounds like the cold may hold off until this evening, perfect to sneak a trip down to the farm today.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. What a project! Congrats on the big finish - its a great thing to cross off the list.


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