Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IDC- Labor Day edition (a day late)

I know, it's not Labor Day anymore. But I was busy and not feeling well yesterday- or today for that matter. I have managed to catch an end of summer cold. Blech. I'm stuffed up, feverish and generally feel like I'm walking around in a fog. There is something about having a cold that just makes me feel stupid. My brain is swimming through really thick molasses.
But, it is time for my usual beginning of the week IDC.
1. Plant something- nope. I did order my hardy kiwi vines that we will plant this fall to cover the pergola but they haven't arrived yet.
2. Harvest something- Pumpkins! Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, edamame. No eggplant this week, I'm letting a couple ripen for seeds and the rest are still little.
3. Preserve something- froze edamame and pumpkin puree.
4. Waste not- spent time yesterday mending 4 pair of V's work pants. Of course, I had to dig through my not-yet-unpacked boxes of sewing and craft supplies to find my button jar. It was kind of like Christmas looking through those boxes. I am SO psyched to get a new cabinet and UNPACK! After over a year, I'm itching to get at it again. Not that I haven't been busy with other things but there is something so satisfying about making something beautiful. V has been busy working on walls in the basement. We actually have walls framed around what will be "the well room" that will house the pressure tank and be used for other storage. V's workroom will be between the well room and the rumpus room and that wall is taking shape as well. We will have built in bookshelves in the wall so we don't have as much drywalling to do. We need to get moving since our new couch is to arrive in October and we need a place to put it. It's kind of fun, the walls we're working on now are all using 2x4's salvaged from the demolition of the basement last year.
5. Want not- hmm, not much out of the ordinary. I really didn't do much shopping or stocking up on anything this last week. But I did make several batches of waffles for the freezer yesterday morning- a double batch of chocolate chip and a batch of pumpkin waffles. I'm going to have to tweak the pumpkin recipe- it was OK but could be better.
6. Community food systems- nothing really this week. I didn't get to the orchard or the farmer's market last weekend. We did eat locally raised elk burgers on Sunday when we were at Old Threshers.
7. Eat the food- Pumpkin waffles, stuffed peppers, caprese salad, beef from the freezer. This time of year is so easy.
Now, I'm off to bed soon. Even though I slept a lot today I'm still tired. It is supposed to get almost cold tonight- into the 40's!! It seems that fall is coming....


  1. I certainly hope you feel better soon!! Not fun having a cold. Seems like a lot of folks here have colds. Probably this silly weather!...debbie

  2. Feel better soon, cupcake.

    Lots of folks around these parts having mega-allergies ...they're starting to harvest the corn fields and that always stirs up a mess.

    Love reading your gardening adventures....mine is finally winding down. The sauerkraut is doing well so far...the crock is in the kitchen. Garlic is finally all dried and pickled and so that smell is abating...lol

    The basement is gonna be great!


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