Friday, September 24, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

It's been a busy week, both at home and at work. We're back to the school schedule of having evening activities 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday). Work has been hectic and it's been busy around the house. So, a quick update.
I work tomorrow so the million things I need to get done will still have to wait. It seems like I've been away from home so much and when I've been home it's been raining this week that I haven't accomplished anything. Some of the day lilies I ordered arrived and desperately need planted and another has shipped. This evening, I picked enough tomatoes to do a batch of sauce (just for eating, not canning) and two more galeux d'eysines.
We struggled with a mouse in the house for a few days before V finally caught it yesterday afternoon. We're thinking it got in while one of the basement windows was out for a while since V was replacing the old, single pane one with a new window. The cats were quite noisily chasing it around for a few nights, not catching it, but Spaz tipped off V to where it was hiding yesterday. It was hanging out in a box in the bottom of the pantry. Spaz was sitting there, staring into the pantry, not moving for hours. But, little mouse is now history.
The other problem in my blogging life recently is that I got sucked into a few books. J16 has been after me to read The Hunger Games. She has been bugging me for a while so I finally picked up the first one on Sunday night. Lets just say that I finished the second one today on the bus. If you're looking for a book that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go... read these. If, of course, you like sci-fi/fantasy type books. The third book in the series was just released a few weeks ago so I have the pleasure of reading them all back to back without the wait for the next in the series. I snagged the third book from J16's room this afternoon after I got home. I know what I'm reading tonight in bed.... Of course, it fits right into my sometimes doomer mentality since the whole story takes place in post apocalypse America. It appeals to the rebel side of me.
I've been absent from the web for a few days so I'm going to try to get caught up on what's happening in everyone's lives.


  1. Oh, you haven't been a bad blogger. Good Grief. You've been busy chasing and killing a mouse for goodness sakes. That takes time. It is nice to sit and read once in a while. I'm still reading a book that I started a the beach. Just have been busy this week and don't have time. ...debbie

  2. you fiend. it IS gone from my shelf!

  3. I can relate! We've been so busy trying to figure out a "good" schedule to stick to, and still having to deal with early bedtimes since they are so young, we'll figure it out eventually! Thanks for the book recommendation, once I get through the stack of 3 from the library I have I will check into those!

  4. I'm trusting you on this one...I've ordered the books!


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