Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Under the Weather- a late IDC

I've been "feeling poorly" for the past two days. I managed to pick up some sort of stomach bug that had me leave work early on Monday and stay home today. I really hate being nauseous. The continuous feeling of having been on one too many rides at the amusement park just isn't fun when it lasts for hours. This morning, I got up, hoping I would feel well enough to go to work and quickly decided I wasn't. I helped get the children off to school and took to the couch. I fell asleep and woke up at noon. Yowza. I must have needed it because usually I can't sleep during the day. I'm feeling better now, but considering how little I did the past two days, I'm surprised at how tired I am. This must be my body's way of telling me to slow down.
I realize that it's no longer Monday but I want to get a quick IDC update in this week.
1. Plant something- Not in the ground. We had 2.5 inches of rain Friday/Saturday so my plans to plant out my new day lilies was canceled. But, since they arrived as bare root plants I needed to get them into some dirt. So, J16 and I put them into pots, along with some iris that I had picked up at one of the local home centers. Hopefully it will stay dry this week and Friday I can plant them out over the sand filter.
2. Harvest something- more galeux d'eysines (the harvest total is now up to 18!!) tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant. Of course, now that it is getting closer to frost, the green peppers have finally decided to set on some tiny fruits. We'll see if they get big enough in time.
3. Preserve something- I made and froze a double batch of baba ganoush. Mmmm. It's not garden produce but I also froze half of the pulled pork I made for a quick and easy meal sometime.
4. Waste not- Hmm, the usual, reused when we could, recycled, composted. V is planning to use the last of the salvaged lumber from the basement for the rebuild this week. Oh, and I got new fabric to recover some old pillows that we will use in the basement rumpus room, rather than buying new pillows.
5. Want not- Not much this week. I've been trying to cook smarter, so on Sunday, I cooked a pork roast in the crock pot. I pulled a bunch of it and added barbecue sauce, some for Sunday dinner and some for the freezer. The rest of the meat, and broth that accumulated will be used for dinner tomorrow. So I'm working on having "planned overs" rather than left overs.
6. Build community food systems- The barbecue sauce we used for the pork was locally made. In fact, we met the creators at the grocery store where they were having a tasting going on. One taste and we were sold. Mmmm...
7. Eat the food- I can't think of a meal that stands out other than the barbecue. We did have pasta with fresh tomato sauce and that was tasty. I'm still working on eating fresh and haven't begun eating from stores yet.
Well, that was a quick update. I've got to get to bed before I fall over. This virus has taken a toll on me and I don't have much energy. I tried to vacuum this afternoon and it wore me out.

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  1. Glad you got your much needed sleep! Good for you! Hope your feeling better. Maybe it's the change in the weather...?? ...debbie


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