Saturday, September 11, 2010

KinderGarden Field Trip

The KinderGarden projects are wrapping up this month. Not much is happening in the garden around here. I picked another pumpkin. This brings the total harvest to 9 (7 in the shop, one eaten, one given away) and there are at least 2 that will be ready in a week or so and more small ones on the vines. We will definitely be good on our vitamin A this winter!
Since we are having absolutely lovely weather (and didn't make it to the farmer's market this morning) I dragged K10 along with me to our local orchard. This is really local- like less than 3 miles driving (probably even less in a straight line). He initially wasn't thrilled- he was given the choice between coming with me or helping V fix some wind damaged boards. He opted (with a grumble) to come to the orchard. I told him that we could pick apples or just get some already picked- they are the same price. In the car on the way he decided he wanted to just buy the apples and go home. Of course, once we got there......
Who can resist apple picking in September. So, we got our baskets and talked to Paul, the owner, who gave us a map of the orchard.
It's quite the place.
We could have taken the tractor ride but K wanted to walk.
Of course, silly me, I forgot my camera. I have some crappy photos on my phone but now my phone is refusing to talk to my laptop...sigh.... But I did get some pics of the aftermath.
K10 and the smallest apple he could find!
It is a Minijon
A mini Jonathan- most on the tree were much larger than this one but he couldn't resist.
We ended up with two large bags of apples.
Enough to fill the fridge drawer.
But best of all, Karl asked if we could go back to the orchard in a few weeks when all these apples are gone.
Knowing where your food comes from is a good thing :-)


  1. Oh, mean mean mom!! How dare you make that boy go to an orchard! Cruelty!!
    He had fun, didn't he?!!
    Ah, mother knows best!

  2. Ah yes, the "forced beautiful day activities"... I am very familiar with these, LOL!

  3. What a fun experience! I've never gone to an orchard yet, but I imagine it would be neat.


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