Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why do I do it?

Someone asked me that last week. I don't remember the exact context but I was talking about something garden or food related. But that question stuck in my mind... Why do I do it? Why do I bother?
I've been pondering this and formulating an answer. It isn't one single thing. And it's not a simple answer. I'm going to think about it a bit more and let you all know what I come up with.
How about you? Why do you do what you do? Why is growing your own food, cooking from scratch, simplifying, cutting down and and being frugal important to you?
Let me know- either here in the comments or post about it on your own blog and let me know. I'm curious.


  1. Cause the veggies and food tastes better, is fresher and doesn't have any chemicals on it. Cause it isn't shipped across an ocean to get to me and thus doesn't cause more pollution and that means it's fresher and tastes better.
    Food made from scratch with your own home grown ingredients tastes better. Oh ya, and one more thing it tastes better! Do you need anymore reasons?

  2. I do what I do because I LOVE it! I enjoy every minute spent outside-listening to the birds, enjoying the fresh air, the peace and calm. I can't imagine why anyone WOULDN'T want to live like this. There is such a sense of satisfaction in pulling something out of food storage that YOU grew and put by. I love my days-and wouldn't trade it for anything!!

  3. Sue has my answer. I simply enjoy it.

  4. I figure that answer to be pretty easy: I like to do what I like to do, because I enjoy what I do....simple huh?!!!!! it's pleasurable, it's fun, it's ME!! Amen....debbie

  5. Because it brings contentment. Nothing like providing family and friends home goodies. Simple living brings simple yet fulfilling joys.

  6. I like the challenge of self-sufficiency. I like imagining that if times got really tough, I might be able to save my family with a garden. And, like most others, spending time outside in the garden, tasting fresh produce, just makes me happy.

  7. D) all of the above.

    I don't want to be complicit in a destructive system; I do want to be as self-reliant as possible; I enjoy expanding my skills and learning new things; I want my family to eat healthily.

    Also, I want to provide the example to my children that even in this day and age, a person can still provide most of the necessities of life with some hard work and a little education. Who knows - they might have to.

  8. You may have just inspired me to do a post on this topic :)

  9. Because I love knowing that I CAN! There is something so satisfying knowing I can grow and provide fresh food for my family, plus I just enjoy it so much!

  10. Because I must. If we all did it, we might have a better chance of continuing to live on the planet.

    Because I have a child and I want her to inherit at least SOME chance of a decent life/climate.

    Because I love it.

    Because the food I grow tastes so much better.

    Because it is not full of chemical residues which may harm me.

    Because I feel obliged to my ancestors and my future decendants to do, the best I can.

    Becaue I am worth it ;-)


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