Friday, September 3, 2010

KinderGarden weirdness

Troll Bridge Farm has been invaded by alien pods! Or, as J16 put it: "They look like a giant's boogers". Hmmm..
Pretty cool, huh.
A Galeux d'eysines pumpkin.
For some reason this morning, I remembered reading that these shouldn't be left to get too ripe on the vine as the "warts" will continue to grow. So... I decided I'd better check them. Oops, several pumpkins were totally covered, much to the delight and grossed-outedness of the children. They look kind of like they are covered with peanuts.
K10 models a pumpkin
Gotta love that face!
I13 looks like he isn't sure he really wants to be holding this weird thing.
J16 has picked her favorite.
All in all, we picked 8 pumpkins today.
They're happily curing in the shop.
We counted at least 5 more big ones on the vines and a multitude of little ones. And the vine is still blooming like mad. I'll have to check the remaining pumpkins more frequently so we can get them with a pleasing amount of warts. LOL! These are supposed to be excellent eating pumpkins- I guess if you can get over the bizarre look. But, for all their strangeness, they are fun!
KinderGardens is winding down. So, a few photos from the Goth Garden. Once again, my favorites of the year:
Sunflower Moulin Rouge
Black Pearl Pepper
They are starting to ripen and look like little bright red marbles!
It was a lovely but WINDY day here. I'm not sure the temperature ever got above 70F and we had 25-30 mph wind all day with higher gusts. Not quite the hurricane conditions some folks may have had but quite breezy. It really made it feel like fall. In fact, I'm making some beef stew for dinner tonight since it is so cool outside. It was a lovely, relaxing day at home for me since today was my comp day for working last weekend. So, I get a 4 day weekend. Ahhhh.... today it was laundry, dusting and sorting my closet (EEEK). I only got through about half of it before I got distracted by other, much more fun things- like picking cucumbers and tomatoes and discovering pumpkins!
I hope you all have a safe, fun filled holiday weekend. Enjoy the last of summer.
To those on the east coast with the hurricane and to those in New Zealand with the earthquake- my thoughts and prayers go out to you.


  1. I love your pumpkins.... They are very cool!

  2. Just when you think you have seen everything someone does a post about booger covered pumpkins...those ROCK!

    Another things added to my 'must try' list of seeds!

    Great post! Kim

  3. oh, those are WEIRD! i like them! :)

  4. I have to say I have never seen a warty pumpkin!! What a riot! They will be great for Halloween. Will they last that long? hope so. lol...debbie

  5. I thought you would all like them. They are from two plants that came from three old seeds I was given at a seed swap. They are definitely fun but if you want to try them- be warned- I think the vines are bent on world domination! They have easily taken over half of the garden. I knew they would vine a lot (I was warned) but I really thought a third of the garden would be enough. I was wrong! They are even threatening the raspberries. Maybe it's a good thing that several of the tomato plants in the last row died already. They would have been consumed by the mutant pumpkins.

  6. I've harvested a few Galeux d'esines (I know the spelling here is probably horrible, lol) in my farm garden as well. I'm taking 4 to farmers market this morning. We'll see if there are any takers. Mine were picked earlier so they aren't as warted as yours.
    Aren't they fun?!

  7. I absolutely love growing those pumpkins! Aren't they fun? I can't wait to have space to grow a huge garden and have a goth section too!

  8. Those are crazy. I've never seen anything like them! :)
    So cool!


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