Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our first belly dancing class

Was FUN! J16 and I made it through both classes. We have back to back belly dancing classes on Thursday nights from now through the first week of November. First, at 6 pm we have "belly dancing for exercise" which made working out fun- and we learned some cool moves! Then, at 7 pm we have the level 1 dance instruction class where we are learning a choreographed dance to a particular song.
And, guess what? We get to use finger cymbals! Yup, and veils- next thing you know, I'll be walking around in harem pants- now wouldn't THAT be a sight!
Our instructor is evidently somewhat famous and has, so I've been told, the most frequently visited belly dancing website in the country. Hmm.. Fun.

I downloaded our "performance" song plus some other music so we can practice before next week. It definitely is a good workout. Maybe when we get good I'll have V take a video of us dancing and post it. Or... maybe not.....


  1. Oh, this is awesome! It's supposed to be a fantastic workout. I tried the lessons on a cable channel once and my then 3 year old son was mesmerized by the woman on tv and then yelled at me to sit down, I was in the way... seriously it was like he was in a trance... I would pop that channel on and then I could take a shower, make dinner, etc LOL

  2. Back in high school, I dated a German exchange student who could belly dance. It looks easy but it certainly wasn't and she always practiced a lot.

  3. Congrats on locating a dance instructor. I studied Cabaret (your instructors style) for several years then moved to tribal fusion (Rachel Brice, Sharon Kirhara style) as I found it easier to connect with that music. I then found and performed with them for about a year. A fantastic workout!

  4. Aren't aerobics classes fun? I've been doing them at our gym for about 7 years - fun way to stay in shape!

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