Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teens and toes

I know I don't really have anything to complain about. I'm not staring down the barrel of a hurricane. I've got a job I love, a lovely home (albeit in pieces), a loving husband and wonderful children. But I'm a bit cranky.
First, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe last night. 4th toe- left foot. Ouch. It is all black and blue on the bottom and is pretty uncomfortable, if not downright sore. I kicked the corner of one of the drawers in the pedestal base of our bed last night in the dark. Stupid. I was laughing and crying at the same time.
Second, J16 is being such a teenager. She seems to think that the rewards should come before the work. Hmmm.. V just ordered a new computer (his first in probably at least 10 years), important to him for his work. He has made his old machine do things it was never designed to do but it has been causing him so many problems recently that it is time to upgrade. Of course, the current promo is "buy a new Mac, get an ipod free". So, we got the ipod touch. V and I both have one (I've had mine for at least 2 years) so we thought we would be nice and upgrade J16 from her current old nano to something bigger and better. Of course, there were stipulations. She needs to clean up her room and keep it that way for a week. No problem you would think, right? Uh, no. She is one of the most disorganized, chaotic teens I know. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not super organized and we're not asking for things to be spotless. We just want the clothes off the floor and to be able to walk around the room without stepping on junk. Oh, and she needs to actually keep the sheets on her bed and NOT sleep directly on the mattress (that one just burns me up). She has known this was coming. However, when the ipod arrived today she seems to think that she was entitled to it. Au contraire. Her room looks like hurricane Earl just swept through full force. So, she is a little miffed that she still needs to pick it up and keep it that way for a week before she gets her new toy.
I'm sure she is venting to her friends online right now about what wretched parents we are. C'est la vie.
Good luck, thoughts and prayers to everyone on the east coast tonight and tomorrow. Stay safe.


  1. um the neatness does not get better..My grown son who is married and his wife is at ISU finishing her last semester...well I can't walk in the room to turn off his fan..I get so irritated..I have 27 days till he moves into his brand new spanken new house and I really want to see how he keeps this place while wife is at school..And he went through the military..the neatness rubbed off real fast!!!..And we were the same way about getting things AFTER you earned it..

    Sorry about your toe...It must really hurt...Thank goodness it is still warm enough for the open toe shoes if you can wear them to work..

    Have a great weekend...Lisa

  2. Good for you mom! Seems like the kids today think they are entitled. Stick to your guns! Am so sorry about your toe! I hope it's not broken. Can they do anything for a broken toe? Sort of small quarters for a splint or cast lol...wouldn't that be funny. A tiny weeny toe cast! Maybe if you taped it to the next toe it would feel better and not wiggle around so much. Hope it's better soon....debbie

  3. Stick to your guns Mom! My kids thank me now that they are grown for not "caving" when they complained or begged to do something. Sorry about your toe. I broke my baby toe once. Ran into the corner of a cabinet & split the toes apart. Ouch! Heal fast :-)

  4. The worst thing about your toe? You'll be banging it on EVERYTHING for the next few weeks.

    My son was a total slob growing up...his room looked like the wreakage of a tornado. Now? You could EAT off his apartment floors. Amazing. I think they eventually come back to what they grew up with (when they realize it's NOT going to get clean by itself!)

  5. So THAT's what happened to Earl, because he really isn't doing much outside here now - it all makes sense now LOL! I have a friend whose mattress always looks like that and it's a huge pet peeve for me too, but then I'm one of those that will make the bed the second I get out of it, even if poor hubby is still in there. I think you are teaching her the right way, if you want something bad enough, you tend to get your act together as needed! Sorry about your toe, ouch! I've broken a few skiing, and they never do anything but tape it to the toe next to it, probably why it re-breaks LOL

  6. In ten years, she will probably be realizing how wise you actually are. At least that is about when I went from thinking my parents were ignorant fools to almost all-knowing.

  7. Ha! I tell my kids that they have to have sheets or else it is like living in a crack den. I'll shout, "We're not a crack den! Put some sheets on your bed!"

    It seems to have finally sunk in for the eldest. We'll see how long it takes to trickle down.


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