Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blizzards and bean blossoms

Those two things don't seem to go together, do they. But they do at our house. This morning, when I left for work it was 38 and raining. When I came home this afternoon, it was 25 with snow and all that rain from this morning has frozen on the roads. Yuck. We are in a lull right now but are forecast to get several inches of snow over night with high winds. Yup, we have a blizzard warning from this evening through tomorrow afternoon. FUN! I'm just glad I made it home safely.
But, on to the beans:
Blossoms at 6 am.
I'm not holding out any hope that we will actually get any beans from these but they are fun to watch climbing up over the sink.
This evening, J16 was supposed to have a school dance to go to- fortunately it has been cancelled so we don't have to go anywhere. I13 is supposed to have rehearsal tomorrow at church but we'll see what the weather brings. Tonight, since we're staying in, we will be decorating the tree and maybe baking some cookies. I did a bit of an impulse buy yesterday afternoon as I wandered around in the mall downtown while waiting for my bus.
Yup, you read right.
We'll be baking NINJABREAD MEN.
They were too cute to pass up. Of course, I need more cookie cutters like I need a hole in my head but, hey, they are fun.... And you can NEVER have too many cookie cutters... right??

Thanks for all of your supportive replies to my whiney post. I talked to V on the way home this afternoon about me cutting my hours and he was supportive of that. I have no illusions that I'm suddenly going to have loads of time to accomplish everything I want but it's a start. What was most hopeful was how understanding he was of how tired I am. For the record, I have always been the primary breadwinner. V stayed home with the children when they were small. Actually, out of the almost 25 years that we have been married, he has worked full time for maybe 5 or 6 of those. He hasn't had a "real" job since he was laid off two years ago but he has been doing some freelance writing work that has been bringing in about $1000 a month- not much- but enough to take the pressure off if I drop to 90%. All this is still in the planning stages. I'm not even sure my boss will approve a change. We'll see....


  1. Hurray! I'm happy for you, that things are starting off well, as you look to make some changes in your life. You know, I think that when I am in a difficult situation, half the battle is knowing that my husband is with me, and supporting me. Even if money is tight, things are a lot better than if it were the other way around--no oneness between us, yet lots of money...


  2. Green beans tend to be self pollinating, so there's a chance you'll have some beans early January :)

  3. I hope things continue to look favorable to your cutting back to 90%! I've been watching the weather and everyone seems to be knee keep in snow!! or at least 1/2 way to the knees! I hope you have beans! Wouldn't that be fun! kids would love that!! We're to have 3-7 inches by tomorrow. ...yuck...debbie

  4. Those beans look fabulous and I saw those cookie cutters the other day. I really wanted to get them. I can't remember where I saw them...


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