Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ninjas and an early gift

I made ninjas this afternoon. Yup, ninjabread men!
Mmm, tasty!!
The annual holiday party at the dojang where J16 and V take classes is next weekend. J16 is contemplating taking these with different colored frosting belts on them. Too much fun.
And V got me an early gift today.
Isn't it beautiful!?!
Handblown green glass with bare trees etched on the glass. It stands probably about 10 inches high and is absolutely gorgeous. I think I will light it often. As some of you may know or have noticed- I have a thing for trees. They are by far my favorite image. Isn't V just the sweetest thing? He said that this isn't for the holidays- it's just because he knew I would like it. Awww....
Have a fabulous week ahead.


  1. Ninja cookies? Clever!

    And isn't V always amaze me. We think they're so tough and all, but deep down, gosh---they're almost human!!

  2. Great Cookies! Madison would LOVE them!! ..and putting frosting belts would be Just the thing!! Cute, cute! I love your glass candle with the trees! Pretty color and I'm sure it's 10 times prettier in real life. Such a sweeet hubby!!...debbie

  3. wow that glass is pretty! And ninjas....LMBO!

  4. The candle holder is really beautiful. I love trees, too. When you have the lights out does it cast a pretty tree silhouette on the wall? The ninja cookies are such a cute idea for the dojang! You have so much energy and good ideas. I just love visiting your blog. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  5. Beautiful gift. Did he say where he got it?


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