Friday, December 17, 2010

A day off

Sorry for the long silence. Things have been hopping around here. But, today I hope to have a chance to catch my breath. I've got the day off since I worked last Saturday. Of course, my list of what I want to accomplish is probably longer than my arm. Top priority is wrapping gifts without prying eyes of children. I also need to get jars for the sugar scrub I'm making for coworkers so I can get that going this weekend.
Here's a partial list:
A couple loads of laundry (this never ends!)
Wrap gifts
Grocery store run- they're having a 1 day only sale today
While I'm out at the grocery I've got a few stocking stuffers to pick up and will get my jars.
I'd like to make a run to Kalona to the Amish bulk store- we'll see...
Bake some cranberry orange bread
Bake biscotti
water indoor plants
Or, maybe I'll just throw all this to the wind and spend the day on the couch drinking tea and looking at the new seed catalogues that have begun to come in.....
I'll try to let you know later what I get done.


  1. Ooooo, I'd have to vote for the day on the couch with the seed catalogs. But, I'm not such a good person. Better wrap up the presents. I'm thinking MOST PEOPLE would say that's more important than seed catalogs!

  2. I'm with Sue, seed catalogs sound like the way to go....I haven't gotten any of mine yet : (.
    I also "need" to make a run to Stringtown~LOVE that place!

  3. Nice to have Friday off. It's such a busy time. It seems all I do is watch kids and clean up poop and try to sneek in the laundry...ho hum...debbie

  4. Ooh, sugar scrubs sound wonderful! Can I be a co-worker? :)

  5. I definitely would love to see a sugar scrub post.... AFTER the holidays LOL.... go relax a bit!

  6. Sue- I MAY spend some time this afternoon with the new catalogues. My wrapping is done ;)
    Corinne- I'm surprised you haven't gotten any yet. I think my first one arrived in October- way to early to be interesting since I was still putting this year's garden to bed.
    Debbie- Ahh, the joys of a new puppy!
    Jen- I'll possibly have some extra ;)
    Erin- I'm planning to do a sugar scrub post here soon- maybe tomorrow when I hope to make the stuff.


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