Thursday, December 30, 2010

How did I do?

 I promised a goal update for my 2010 goal list.  Some things I did well, others- not so much.
But, here goes:

Home/house goals:
  • Sand North wall in the kitchen and paint--  Not done- but we are planning to do the whole kitchen remodel in March- we'll do all the mess at once!
  • Finish kitchen island-- see above
  • Finish work on upstairs bathroom-- Not done (sigh....)
  • Plan and begin construction on deck-- DONE- phase one is complete, we'll continue next summer
  • Sort closet and donate clothes to Goodwill-  DONE
  • SELL HOUSE IN TOWN!!!-- DONE, DONE and DONE!!!!!  Can it really be just this year that we sold it?  Wow....
  • Replace septic system --DONE
Garden/land goals:
  • Complete raised beds -- One done for the strawberries
  • Construct herb spiral-- Not Done- the septic didn't get done in time for this.
  • Draw master permaculture plan- Ongoing
  • Plant apple trees- DONE and a pear tree
  • Plant apricot and/or cherry trees-- DONE- well. actually, bush apricots and cherries
  • Replant strawberries into raised bed--  DONE
  • Add another blueberry bush or two-- DONE
  • Remove fence between yard and meadow-- DONE
  • Build three bin compost pile-  Not done
Personal goals:
  • Once again, get in better shape.-- NOPE- I just recently started really giving this some attention
  • Learn a new skill or two. OK, I'll confess- this is the knitting goal again- NOPE- I didn't make the time for knitting- but I did learn lots of other skills.
  • Complete CEUs. - DONE- my license for the state is done but I have National certification to renew in January.
  • Spend more quality time with V. --Actually, we did pretty well.
Food production/security:  At least 2 local meals a week.-- We didn't do too bad at this one-  It was easier in the summer but with more local meat in the freezer makes it easier.  I need to be more conscious of making meals more local but probably some portion of just about every meal is local.
Try our hand at making wine.--This one wasn't a firm goal- good thing because it didn't happen.  
The three R's: I want to continue to repurpose and recycle as much as we can.-- Yup, we are still being quite frugal and try to be responsible in our purchases.
I also had a goal to complete one quilt- yeah, that didn't happen this year.  Oh well, it gives me something to aspire to for next year.

We were extremely busy this year and there were many, many more things we got done this year that weren't actual goals.  The basement is nearly finished- part of the reason the upstairs didn't get done.  The upstairs, while not completely finished, is livable while the basement wasn't.  So, I think that counts.  All in all, not a bad year.
Now to put on my thinking cap for next year.  Hmmm... Kitchen plans are definitely on the table...


  1. You did pretty good with your goals. I love looking back on the year, though sometimes I find it amazing how "long-ago" some things feel.........

    I think all the projects you and V do GUARANTEES lots of time together. You're lucky you work well together. I adore my Don, but work with him???? No. Two perfectionists with DIFFERENT ideas on how to do stuff equals disaster!

  2. By Golly! I think you did great!! I like it because you do projects together. Bob and I don't do that. He likes to hire things done and granted his time is limited. He has a stressful job and doesn't like to come home to work again. I like to do things myself if I can do them. Will be patiently awaiting to read about your 2011 goals. So far I have made or thought of any. I do need to do that. Have a HAPPY AND FUN NEW YEAR!!....debbie

  3. I'm a little scared to look at my goals from last year, but I'm going to do it for a post for tomorrow. Will you hold my hand?

  4. You did pretty good on your goals, you should feel good about what you have accomplished, selling the house was huge!! You have helped me to begin to think about what I hope to do this year, I could not seem to even find a starting point.
    On to 2011, may it be full, productive and joyful!

  5. Sue and Debbie- I'm so glad that we have learned to work well together as an entire family. Even the children pitch in and I think it has brought us all closer.
    Jen- it's not so bad, really.... But if you need some hand holding- you know where I am!
    Laura- I can't wait to see what the year has in store for you. Even though you may not feel like it- you have come a long way this year.

    Happy New Year to you all!

  6. Oh I love this - we are commencing on our house projects this year - lists are an important part of the action!

  7. I think you did great. Many of those goals are ongoing things that all homesteaders strive for and you have been doing a fantastic job. The house sale and septic alone must be HUGE stressors off your mind, the other things will come in time. I need to do my list too this week, you inspired me last year to post my goals to go back this year and see how I did, I can't wait to get some free time to do this.


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