Friday, December 17, 2010

Homemade sugar scrub

Ooo, two posts in one day. What is the world coming to! I did get a lot done today. Three loads of laundry, shopping, hanging solar lights on an outdoor tree, gift wrapping and even a bit of lounging on the couch ;-)
I haven't gotten my baking done yet- but there is still time.
I decided to tackle the gifts for my coworkers this afternoon. Homemade sugar scrub. If you've never tried sugar scrub it is a wonderful thing. I found this recipe a few weeks ago and made some for us. Mmm, heavenly....
I'll share the recipe with you. It is quick, easy and makes a great gift.
A half pint of bath time heaven.
The important stuff.
Ingredients- for each jar:
1/2 cup Raw sugar crystals- there are several brands available, just make sure they are not too fine- you want the chunky ones.
1/2 cup Vegetable oil
1 Vitamin E capsule
Essential oil for fragrance- I used lavender and vanilla, combined
1 wide mouthed half pint jar with a lid (you can double the recipe and use a pint jar- I had half pints)

Put the sugar in the jar.
CAREFULLY add the oil.
You will need to stir it a bit to get out the air bubbles or it will overflow.
Puncture the Vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the contents into the jar.
Add a few drops of essential oil
to your preference of scent.
Stir again gently to mix.
Add the lid and a ribbon if you want and it's done.
Simple, huh?
I was going to use raffia for the bows but I couldn't find it. V has moved my wrapping stuff so many times last summer that it has gotten separated. I'll keep looking.
Each of my coworkers will get a jar of this, a bar of homemade soap and maybe a chocolate or two.
To use the sugar scrub, you scoop out a teaspoon or two with your fingers and rub it on wet skin in a circular motion. Let it sit for a bit and rinse thoroughly.
A WORD OF WARNING!! The sugar scrub will make your tub or shower VERY slippery. I always make sure to wash the tub out with soap when I'm finished so the next person in doesn't slip and break their neck.
Happy gifting!


  1. That simple? That's it? OMG thank you for giving me a great idea for next year! I LOVE that stuff, I got some one Christmas (dept store kind) and although I eagerly used it all up on my hands and feet, I never bought more due to the cost of that brand but now I won't worry a bit :)
    I only wish I had time to do this before Monday... maybe.... LOL
    thanks Judy!

  2. watch out... I just looked again at the ingredients and I actually have them all, even the raw sugar! I always keep the oils around since I make my own laundry soap - I have grapefruit and orange and peppermint hooray! Burning the midnight oil I think tonight :)

  3. I don't think it will be the midnight oil. Once you have everything collected it is really fast. I made 5 jars in probably 15 minutes. Assembly line is a great way to do it. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I almost did peppermint but I wanted something more soothing than invigorating. But maybe..... I have 7 more jars... and know where to get more.
    And, my first introduction to this was the department store stuff that was a gift. I hadn't gotten any more because of the price. I was SO thrilled to find this recipe and see how easy it is.

  4. Okay I already made a half pint for myself! I do need more sugar before I can make more LOL, yeah - super quick! I subbed grapeseed oil because I didn't have veg but I'm sure it will be fine since people use it for massage - yay! can't wait to give myself my "homecoming manicure" tonight, thanks again!

  5. It's sounds so wonderful. You'll have very lucky coworkers this Christmas.

  6. I make a salt scrub that is almost exactly the same! Love it.


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