Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter begins

Happy Winter Solstice to everyone. Now the days will begin to get longer. I, for one, can't wait! Today I arrived at work in the dark and left in the dark. Ugh.
I was disappointed last night that it was too cloudy to see the moon. Actually, it's probably a good thing because I would have been up in the middle of the night to see the eclipse and I was really tired already. It's a good thing I was able to sleep because today was an incredibly busy day. It seems that the doctors suddenly realized that "THE HOLIDAYS" are fast approaching and wanted evaluations on lots of people to see if they are safe enough to go home. They are discharging people left and right and only the sickest of the sick will be left soon. But, the good news is that I don't have to work the holiday weekend and after tomorrow I will have a 4 day weekend. Woo Hoo!
The children had their last day of school today before winter break. They now have two weeks off. It must be nice. Maybe I need to go work for the school system so I can have my breaks and summer off. Hmmmm...... But, no, I like my job too much - even though I am thinking of cutting my work hours a bit for my own sanity.
Nothing much else to report here. Life has been pretty boring. One of J16's friends came over last evening and they baked some cookies to take to school today. They had fun. That is about the most excitement the past two days. I'm hoping for a dull day at work tomorrow. I ended up staying late this evening to finish an evaluation on a patient so I get to leave early tomorrow to make up for it- assuming we're not to busy. As professional staff, we are given the liberty to "flex" our hours for best patient care. We have the freedom to stay late if work demands it and to use that comp time to leave early when possible. Unfortunately, I know all too well that it usually only "flexes" one way. But, my co-workers knew that I was staying late so they will be sure to try to get me out early. A little early start on the holiday would be welcome.
Have a wonderful Winter, now that it is really here.


  1. Your life is anything but boring! You are amazing with all that you accomplish and with such a happy heart. And it wasn't really worth it to stay up for the eclipse unless your view was better than ours - I did and have been so tired all day.

  2. The only bad part about winter IS the short days, so I slways look forward to the solstice too.
    I was chuckling looking at my journal--I guess I should say December is bad for lack of sunshine too!---We've only had ONE day of sun(part)this month. Eesh!


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