Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Boys and their toys

K8 joining track
The test run!
V and K8 are putting up the train tracks around the tree.  This is a family tradition.  We have had an HO train going around the tree for years.  V is a model railroad fan and K8 isn't far behind him.  Usually we have a small circular track around the tree.  This year, for a limited run, they are putting up a 9x9 foot track around the tree, couch and much of the living room.  
V grew up in Reading, PA and has spent much of his life modeling Reading Railroad engines (you know, of Monopoly fame).  He has started K8 with some Iowa Interstate engines- their roundhouse is only a few blocks from out house.  We don't have room for a permanent layout in our current house.  In fact, one of the ways I sold him on an acreage was to suggest that he could have an insulated outbuilding for a train layout.  Actually he wasn't that hard a sell but the idea of having enough space for his trains was definitely a bonus.
In not so fun news, V got a 'thanks but no thanks' letter from the people he interviewed with on Friday.  If they did the interviews on Friday and said in a letter dated Monday that they had offered the position to someone and had it accepted, we figured that they already had the person lined up but had to go through the interview process to satisfy HR.  I work for the University, but trying to get into their system just sucks, especially for the merit (hourly) jobs (I am classified 'professional and scientific').  He has 2 days of his current job left then he's officially unemployed.  We have a list of projects around the house that should keep him busy for a while.  These are things that need to get done if we are going to sell the house...if V finds a new job and if we find an acreage that we like and can afford...  I think one of the things that has been getting me down this year is that we had everything coming together a few months ago for buying our acreage and pursuing our dream and then it all fell apart.  Sigh. I'm trying to think that it will all come together again, it's just looking pretty bleak at the moment.
I've been cheering up a bit and have found some holiday spirit,  I just can't believe that tomorrow is already Christmas Eve.  Where does the time go?


  1. Cool! I have a Super-O gauge set my father bought for my first Christmas. (Well, I suspect HE wanted to play with the train, since I was a bit young.) I haven't had room to set it up for years, but I hope to eventually get it running again.

    I hope you have a contented holiday! I spent the day baking and I feel like I finally have the spirit, too. I was a bit blue after I found out an old friend died last week.

  2. Oh, and tell V I am waving, from Reading PA!

  3. Such a good tradition, I've seen people who can do the train tracks and always admire the life the movement gives to the decorations.
    Sorry about V's news. Hang in there, I'm thinking good thoughts for you both. Hope you have a restful and peaceful holiday despite all the unsettledness. :-)

  4. I love the train. And sorry about V's bad news. Sending you positive vibes that everything will work out and you all will be living your dream soon.

  5. Happy Holidays Judy- sorry to hear about V's job situation. It is really hard to be in limbo, but i think sometimes things happen for a reason-just be open for a great opportunity-even if it is not what you had planned! Kris

  6. I'm so sorry things have been so tough. I am hoping you the best in the upcoming New Year.

    I love the train. We're big HO people around here too!

    All the best for the holidays!


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