Friday, December 19, 2008


Solstice is almost upon us and Christmas is bearing down full force.  I'm still having trouble getting into the spirit.  I've been listening to holiday music, everything from The Toronto Consort's Little Barleycorn to Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong to Ray Charles, to The Rat Pack.  It's lovely music but hasn't really been working.  
We've been baking cookies: Vanilla cookies, gingerbread, Chocolate cookies with candy cane kisses (like peanut butter blossoms but chocolate and peppermint- I love the new Hershey's candy cane kisses)  Tomorrow we'll make candy cane cookies and spritz.
The weather certainly points to winter.  We had about 2 inches of sleet with 1/4 inch of ice on top last night.  A lovely trip to work that made.  The tree is up, the spray of evergreen is by the door but still no holiday cheer.
Maybe it's the economic meltdown we're experiencing.  Maybe it's that work has been really hectic lately. Maybe it's that V is losing his job and that puts more financial worries on us.  With the consumer push of the holidays it's causing even more stress.  I do wish we had instituted a homemade Christmas.
The boys are into the consumer Christmas.  I11 is so difficult to get gifts for.   Part of his developmental issue is that he has very immature social skills and a very limited range of interests.  All he has asked for are video games or game related toys.  Oh, and his own jar of dry roasted peanuts that he doesn't have to share.  We try to keep things even for the children and I need to find something else to get for him but anything we have tried to steer him towards has been shot down. Well, he did think the remote control airplane was neat at the hobby store but thats not going to happen for $250.
One of my sisters is arriving tomorrow at my parent's house and we are planning a family get together on Sunday.  Hopefully the weather will hold. We're predicted to get 3 more inches of snow tomorrow and then frigid temps starting on Sunday (windchill readings to -30 F).  I hope seeing my family will cheer me up.  


  1. Hi--just found your site-following a link from 'cauldron ridge'. I think maybe we are in similiar life situations.

    Hope you find your holiday spirit!

  2. I also love the peppermint kisses (and I made the same type of cookies!)

    i feel so similar. It justs seems like every year happens faster and faster and I tend to find myself both sad that I'm not followingmore traditions and relieved it's almost over. My eldest and I were going to go to a nature winter solstice event, but it is now well below zero and windy!

    Now they (my kids) are at in-laws 9so I wouldn't have to drag them out at 6am), so I will light a candle nd celebrate the solstice alone tonight!!

    Hope all is well your way!

  3. oops, I meant candy cane kisses!

  4. Spending time with my family helped. It would be nice if it was warm enough to light a fire in the backyard for Solstice but it's below zero again here as well.
    Thanks to all for the encouragement.


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