Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feeling a bit resentful

We have a winter storm coming.  It is sweeping up from the southwest bringing snow, sleet and freezing rain with it.  My parents are forecast to get up to 3/4 inch of ice.  We are unsure what we will get here- we are right on the line between the ice storm warning and the winter storm warning. So we are expecting a mix of everything. It is just starting to do the freezing rain thing here. 
Today at work, everyone was anticipating bad weather.  One coworker who lives out of town rides in a vanpool.  They left work early at 1:45 pm, even through the storm wasn't predicted to hit until much later.  She is pretty much expecting that she won't make it into work tomorrow.  Another coworker lives 30 miles away (North on the Interstate).  We doubt if she will make it in because she doesn't do well with winter driving.  
I'm feeling a bit resentful because of the expectation that I will be at work tomorrow- regardless of the weather. Now, I know that the hospital doesn't close, I just get irritated that because I walk to work, it is expected that I can make it in.  I want to know what makes it safer for me to walk a mile and a half on uncleared sidewalks than it is for coworkers to drive on an interstate highway that the road crews have been working to keep clear all night.  I had the same thing this summer during the flood.  Since I live in town, obviously I can make it.  Of course, this summer, I lived on the opposite side of the flooded river. To get to work, I had to wade ankle deep through the flood water to get to the only open bridge across the river.  GRRRRR!!!

Ok.  Enough ranting,  I'm just feeling a bit put upon.  That on top of having an angry patient (who is still a bit delirious and agitated) throw a phone book at me and tell me to go to H***.  It just topped off my day.  So, I'm tired and cranky, and now I'm going to finish my glass of wine (and maybe have another) and watch the ice pellets fall.


  1. I'm sorry you are expected to trudge through the snow. I've worked from home for years, and I sometimes feel a similar resentment over being expected to be available around the clock, as though I would never want to celebrate a holiday with my family. It's one of the reasons I am changing what I do for a living.

    In our area, they have a crew of volunteers with 4WD SUVs that go to the homes of snowed-in doctors and nurses, and taken them to work, so that hospitals can be staffed. Don't they have something similar where you live? I seems like poor planning to rely on just folks that live near the hospital to staff it in a snow emergency.

    The storm you are starting now will be here by tomorrow morning, We are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow and ice from it. Happily, because my freezer and pantry are full, I didn't have to go out and buy food, even though they are predicting 3 snow storms in the next week.

  2. I'm wondering where you are in Iowa...We used to live in Cresco, NE corner, from 1994-1998. Now we're in St. Cloud, MN and I hope we don't get that storm today. I'm supposed to drive to Minneapolis for an herb class that I'm really looking forward to. Already getting tired of this snow!

    I hope it turns out okay down there. My brother's in the Des Moines area and works at a hospital, too (R.N.). I'm sure he has to get to work no matter what generally, as well.

  3. I'm in Iowa City and work for the University. I'm an Occupational Therapist so we're not considered 'essential personnel' for emergencies so we don't get any special treatment to try to get us to work. During the flooding this summer they were actually flying some doctors in by helicopter but we're not that special. We're expected to 'use our best judgement' on whether we can make it in safely- with the expectation that you will be there if you live in town.
    We had 2 inches of sleet followed by freezing rain to seal it all up, then snow on top of that. Where it had been loosened up, it was like walking in loose sand at the beach- only LOTS colder and not as much fun. The kids don't have school and my hubby doesn't have to report til 1000 but I'm here. One other therapist made it in so we are at half staff for the day- but still expected to cover all the patients. C'est la vie.


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