Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'tis the season

Wet gloves drying on an open vent.  Jack frost nipping at your nose...

OK! OK!  So the rhymes don't work.   We got several inches of snow today and K8 had a grand and glorious time sledding after school coming home throughly wet and cold. Their after school program lets them sled down the big hill at the school.  I'm surprised but they can even do it at recess sometimes, if they're properly dressed. So now we are back to the winter cycle of wet snowpants, boots, gloves, hats and scarves. We have lovely copper vent covers in much of the house, discovered when we refinished floors a few years ago and decided to see what was under the multitude of coats of paint on the register covers.  They work wonders for drying gloves.  As the winter progresses we generally bring up one of the drying racks from the laundry and set it in front of a vent to hold hats, scarves and such.  We took the (not green at all) plunge last year and invested in a pair of boot dryers for wet shoes.  J14 pulled one out this afternoon.  She evidently wasn't paying attention when we talked about the possibility of snow and walked to school (no snow) and back (probably about 3 inches of the white stuff) in only her Converse sneaks.  Not warm or waterproof.  Needless to say she had mighty cold tootsies when she got home and WET shoes.  Everyone else had their boots,  I think she spends too much time with her headphones on to pay attention to the weather forecast. 


  1. I haven't seen registers like that since hubby and I bought my grandmother's house 25 years ago! You must have gravity heat, yes? I loved it! Quiet, efficient and so much fun to sit in front of a register when you were cold from outside!

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Actually, the old gravity system was replaced with a high efficiency gas forced air system but it's still great to sit in front of the register. I'm glad that when they replaced the furnace they left the old hardware- it adds so much character to the house.


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