Sunday, December 14, 2008

Independence days- week 2

Another week gone by.  Where does the time go?  Things are gearing up for the holiday season.  I found out yesterday that my sister Joyce is coming from Maryland to my parent's house next weekend so I need to try to rearrange my schedule to get down there to see her.  V has a job interview on Friday with the University (cross your fingers!!!) for a clerk 4 position in the graduate medical college.  So far today, everyone is reasonably healthy.  So far, so good....

Now on to the business at hand.  Independence Days.

1 Plant something-  NOPE.  But my little lettuce seedlings are up in the basement.  I think I need to add another bank of lights because they are already seeming a little leggy. I thought I could get away with less fixtures since I had only the one window box, but I guess not.

2. Harvest something- NOPE, again. The Christmas jalapeno is slowly ripening. 

3.  Preserve something- Struck out again.

4.  Store something-  Ok, Here we go, finally something I can go with.  I picked up some extra English walnuts at the store during a holiday baking supply sale and stashed them in the chill drawer in the fridge with the multitude of other baking goodies: nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit, etc.

5. Manage reserves- Finally made applesauce from the wrinkled apples I had left.  J14 finished it off yesterday so those are gone.  Brought up sugar from the reserves in the basement but will need to restock next time there is a good sale at the store.  Ate almost all of our meals from the freezer this week and are planning next weeks from there as well to make room.  

6. Cook something new-  Well, kind of.  We had 'make your own' calzones for dinner.  We've done pizza a lot but not calzones.  They were a hit.  

7.  Prep something- not really.  Most purchases were of the holiday sort.

8. Reduce waste-  Recycled, composted and used cloth bags at the grocery as usual.

9. Learn a new skill-  Still working on knitting.

10.  Work on Community food security- Tried to use our upcoming beef purchase as a jumping off point for talking about food security at work but things were so busy that I didn't have much time to really get into it.  I'll try again this week. 

11. Regenerate what is lost-relationship focus this week.  I had I11 take a plate of holiday cookies to the retired couple a few houses down from us.  There are only 5 or 6 houses in our square block area that are actually owner occupied- the rest are rental (read here students)- and we try to maintain connections with these people- to build a sense of community and stability.  This couple came to I11's rescue on Friday when he was home sick alone and managed to lock himself out of the house without shoes or a coat when he went out to get the mail.  (INSERT MOMMY GUILT HERE THAT I LEFT HIM HOME ALONE!!!)  We are the only family left here that still has young children.  The others are retired or nearing it- but we all try to keep communications open and get together at least once a year for a community event.   


  1. Story of my life: 'Still working on knitting.' LOL

    I want to do more to connect with my neighbors, too. We talk to a few of them, but not most, especially not the elderly ones that seem annoyed by children - everyone's children. Maybe a ziplock full of cookies would help that.

  2. We're fortunate- this particular couple are both retired teachers. J14 cat-sits for them when they're out of town. V helps them when they have computer issues

  3. Keep at the knitting, I keep wanting to, but never can, lol. YEY for the lettuce seeds coming up! When did you seed them?
    Oh, wrinkled apples - I have to post more about this on my blog, but while I was away my whole (i.e. the ones I just had sitting in the crates) apples got shriveled! I was worried they were going to be bad, but inside they are still delicious! No brown spots, no mealiness, nothing! Amazing. Almost like fruit that is dry on the outside and soft and delicious inside. How was your applesauce?

    Your comments about reconnecting with others really hit me since that is one of the things that I struggle with... in a way, it is really easy to get disconnected with the rush of daily life. I like how you are so proactive about community life, even though there is the age/life gap. And reading about how the help comes when needed makes me think it is like seeds - they are so rewarding as the relationship grows.

  4. The wrinkled apples were delicious. I almost dried them because they were already semi-dried but decided to go with the sauce (less slicing). My parents have an orchard so we grew up with having wrinkly apples late in the year. We always save a few in the back of the fridge for the holidays. There is just something about having crisp, local apples polished in a bowl on the holiday table.


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