Monday, December 15, 2008


When I left for work this morning it was a balmy 2 degrees.  With the windchill, it felt like -21 F.  I walk to and from work in all kinds of weather but even I think that's COLD!!!  But I layered up and pulled out my big fuzzy scarf and off I went.  J14 also walks to school and she bundled up as well.  
I was amazed at the number of people walking around totally unprepared for the cold.  As I passed the bus stop on my way home (it had warmed up to 8) there was a young girl standing at the bus stop in a light coat and gloves- no hat or scarf.  She was jumping up and down to keep warm.  If she had been the only person I saw today not dressed for the weather it would have been one thing but there were so many of them around.  We had a student start with us today for a 1 week clinical observation.  She showed up in a light coat with no hat or anything. When I asked her if she was cold, she said, "no" she drove so she didn't have to be outside.  She got a really strange look on her face when I asked her what she would do if she had car trouble or slid off the road on the ice.  I honestly don't think that had ever occurred to her.  At least my Dad taught me well- always be prepared for the worst.  Maybe that's why I'm so into the homesteading thing.  I want to be prepared for the worst.
Someone a while ago, told me that we are practicing for the real thing.  Today's weather was the real thing here.  And tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  Ahhh, Iowa in the winter.


  1. Sounds like you have the same cold that we have up here. It is chilly! I agree with being prepare. I always have extra warm clothing in the car just in case.

  2. We are supposed to have bad weather tonight and tomorrow - so I'm making sure I'm well prepared for it. Better to be prepared and safe than sorry!


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