Monday, December 8, 2008

Feeling fortunate today

There has been so much going on today!  People around me seem to be in crisis, both here, in the blogosphere, and in my real life.  Friends have financial stressors, or relationship issues or sick children, or are ill themselves...  Things aren't totally rosy in my life but I'm feeling very fortunate tonight.  Financially, we are OK for the moment.  V has been frantically looking for a new job but has had no luck yet.  Even so, we will be fine.  The only outstanding debt we have is the car loan and the stuff I just put on the credit card for holiday purchases.  We will have a large outlay of cash in January for our beef but we've figured that into the mix.  We talked it over as a family at dinner tonight and decided what to do for our community 'gift' this year.  Normally we choose tags from the local angel tree but we're doing something different this year.
In relationship issues, things are going well.  About 2- 3 years ago V and I went through a VERY tough time.  We went through some rather intensive marriage counseling and managed to salvage our marriage and even came out stronger.  I think he is quite stressed about losing his job- I worry that he thinks it will damage our relationship.  But I'm OK with it.  We are both at a much better place in our lives- much more secure in ourselves- so I'm sure we will get through. 
Everyone here is healthy- at least mostly.  J14 was complaining of  a headache and stuffy head when she came home and had a slight fever so I let her stay home from orchestra rehearsal tonight.  Roger wasn't feeling well when I saw him Saturday morning so I hope I don't catch something from him. One of my co-workers called to let me know she won't be in as they have a stomach bug at their house (she has 2 elementary age children and 5 month old twins)
We've got a secure roof over our heads, food to eat, warm clothes to wear and even a few extras.  Yeah, life is good right now.  

My thoughts and prayers go out to all my friends who are struggling.  Peace be with you.



  1. What a great post! Being thankful isn't just for Thanksgiving Day, but we all need to be reminded to stop and notice was is good around us. Even when things don't seem so rosy!

  2. Great post - reminds me to be truly thankful for what we have (and not sweat what we don't have!). Hope you all get and stay healthy!


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