Friday, December 5, 2008

This and that

I had a busy day.  I did much more running around than usual, even for a day off.  I did manage to get almost all of my holiday shopping done, at least for the immediate family.  I got the boys several new games, some books and some new clothes. I got a few things off J14's list and a few things that she didn't ask for- I'm not going to tell in case she reads this ;-)   I picked up a stocking stuffer for V and did the online ordering for his other major gift.  I've got a few things left to pick up and need to visit the Heifer project site for gifts for my parents and V's mom.   But generally, I feel good about today's purchases.
I had a long talk with my friend Roger.  He was at work and was bored and worried so he gave me a call.  He works in the supply room for a company that manufactures auto parts so his job outlook isn't good either, considering how things look for the auto industry right now.  We were talking about the garden, both of us wishing, especially now, that the garden had done better and we had been able to put up more food.  We started the conversation about next year and decided we need to get together soon and plan what we want to do.  I think part of the problem last year was that we didn't have a plan, and with 2 people planting in a garden, things weren't very organized.  Add to that the record rains we had and things weren't good.  But we're looking forward to next year.  He was glad that I am hoping to get a pressure canner and thought it would be fun to work together to figure it out next year.  I think that really means that he will want to borrow it- but I'm OK with that.  He lets me share his garden, that's something that I can't repay.  We're looking forward to sitting down with the seed catalogues, a pot of coffee or tea and plotting and planning for next year.  
In other news,  the window box I brought in from the back yard has thawed and a few weed seeds have started sprouting in it.  I have it under my grow lights that I use for seed starting and am hoping to plant some greens in it for some fresh veggies this winter.  Maybe tomorrow...I'm planning to do laundry and hem J14's dress so I'll be hanging out in the basement a bit anyway.  Now I just need to remember where I put the timer for the lights....


  1. I'm trying to be better about planning the garden for next year too. Moving into a new house in the summer and just getting into the growing process was hard and scattered. Preservation, it always seems like there is something to improve there, lol. But here's hoping next year is better!

    What are you planning out? I'm working on figuring out when to start seeds and what to do for them - any tips? The seed catalogs are so tempting!

  2. Since I share a garden space with a friend we tend to have duplications, or holes. We want to be more coordinated so we don't end up with 30 tomato plants (THAT was about 3 years ago). We've been doing this for 10 or 11 years so you would think we would have figured this out before now. We are both expecting that we will be much more dependent on the food from the garden next year so want to be more efficient. It will me more for subsistence that fun. We will plan what we want to plant and where in the garden it will go. We have a space about 30x100 feet to work in.
    Congrats on the new house- we're hoping to move in the future.


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