Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yard work

We spent the day at our old house, working on the 'curb appeal'. I was right, weeding and a bit of mulch worked wonders. We mowed and weeded. Tomorrow we will haul away the piles of brush and weeds. Normally we would have composted the weeds but I'm not adding anything new to the compost pile there.
My parents stopped by this morning on the way to a family reunion. We had hoped to go but with the need to get the yard work done we begged off. Even my Mom was understanding about our need to get things done. They brought us green beans, cucumbers, sweet corn and summer squash. My sweet corn isn't tasseling yet and I picked a total of 4 green beans last night. Mom also brought me 10 bags of frozen sweet corn. She said she knew our patch isn't very big so she thought we could use some for our winter stores. Thanks, Mom!
In exciting news. After V dropped J15 off at tae kwon do he went to our old house to get started (I was still at home with boys trying to get some laundry done). When he arrived at about 9:20 am there were cars in the driveway and people on the front porch. A realtor was showing our house to a young couple!!!! We haven't heard anything but V talked to them and told them that we would be doing some more work on the house this weekend so hopefully anything they found objectionable we can take care of. The realtor was from the same firm as out agent so we should get a report of what comments they made. It's only one showing but it's hopeful.


  1. How sweet of your mom to bring corn and other veg for you, and to understand how busy you are. And you are! Yard work is *hard* work. Good thoughts on the couple who were looking at the house - even if they don't end up giving an offer, getting interest and the chance for feedback so soon is a great sign.

  2. You'll sell your house in no time!!I just know it!! ...debbie


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