Sunday, January 17, 2010

And a grand time was had by all!

And this is post 400!
We were the host for the January Youth event for our church today. We hosted a sledding party at our home. It was a nearly perfect day. We had snow on the ground, temps in the low 30's and about 30 people sledding on our hill.
We had hot chocolate, hot spiced cider and I12 baked snickerdoodles.
J15 shows some attitude.

A dad and 4 children (not all his own) try a run down the hill!
Sledding through the trees. EEEK!
We had a fire outside and toasted marshmallows.
And made S'mores... Mmmmm!
The woman in the foreground is my friend D. She has agreed to teach me to knit on Wednesday evenings while our children are in choir. Hurrah!!!
D's son L on the big hill.
In case you're wondering, he is a dwarf. But generally a rather normal teenager.
After everyone left, V and I sat outside by the fire- relaxing and drinking rum and the last of the spiced cider. It was wonderful.
A crackling fire
And a happy, relaxed V!


  1. Oh don't you love this weather we are having in Iowa right now...I know it is not long lived...we are enjoying it very much. Looks like you had a great time..Lisa

  2. What a fun day!! looks like you had a perfect hill or two to sled ride...and I liked your ending...sitting by the fire drinking rum...Perfect ending to a wonderful day! (hic- up) ...debbie

  3. Temps in the 30's! Wow, I know that must feel like the 80's after the cold you have been having. Looks like fun!

  4. He does look quite happy - and hey, I've seen that hill! ;D

  5. oh that looks like fun! what an enjoyable time


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