Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Making my list...

... and checking it twice!
I've been looking through my seed catalog collection, making my dream list. Of course, the dream list will be pared down into the reality list before all is said and done.
I want to try a few new things. We didn't grow any carrots last year and I finally used the last of the dried ones from our bumper crop the year before so I'd like to try some this year. We grew a mix of rainbow carrots and really loved the purple and red ones. They are so much fun and the children enjoy them. I'm also thinking about some purple tomatoes. But I've got lots of veggie seeds that are either left over or saved from last year, so mostly I'm planning my herb garden.
I've been pondering hardy rosemary that is supposedly hardy here into zone 5- but with the way the last two winters have been I'm not sure. We are dangerously close to zone 4 and I'm not familiar enough with our microclimate here to know if it would be safe. We seem to be colder out here than even just a few miles away at Roger's house where I used to garden. We have consistently gotten more rain in the summer and more snow this winter- but I don't know if that is typical or just a fluke. I saw that the rosemary is hardy to -15. We were much lower than that last year in town and have been close on several occasions already this winter. I guess we can always pot it up and bring it inside for the winter- but for some reason, I've never had luck overwintering it- maybe this house will be better.
I've been babbling- not much to say really- It's cold (we had a high of 5 today!) and it's supposed to snow again. They keep raising the amount of snow we're supposed to get so we'll see what happens.
I'll post my seed orders when they're finalized.
Stay warm and safe out there- this year has brutal so far with the temps.


  1. Judy, be careful with the Rosemary! Everyone I know that has tried hardy rosemarys above zone 6 had them fail miserably. I would say if you are buying a plant, save your money, but if from seed, why not?!! Wish I could give you mine, it's so damn hardy here it blooms all winter and creates a huge hedge. I am more than a little upset that I won't be able to grow it when we move back north. Things will change for sure. Hope you are having fun with your catalogs, an herb garden sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh my, you have made me want to get my catalogs. lol I am so looking forward to another year in the garden.

  3. I'm zone 6 here in CT, and I've got the hardy rosemary growing.... it's been fine so far outside. I'm surprised! It is not huge, but its still out there. I'm not sure what happens over the winter and how it comes out in the spring though. You've got much colder temps though! As Erin said, if you're doing seeds, why not go for it? Maybe start with a small patch first though.... who knows?

  4. My sister lives in Virginia and she said her rosemary grows like wild fire and sometimes has to pull some up because it will over take her herb garden. I know nothing about Rosemary. It's always fun to look at the catalogue over and over! Will be interesting to see what you finally end up with come spring!!...debbie

  5. I see you are about to be hit by more snow today and tonight-then is heading our way!

    Be safe and warm!

  6. I don't much about rosemary but could you mulch it or put a big pot over it for some insulation?
    Maybe hearing about your herb garden will give me the push I need to start one here. I've meant to do it for 2 years now and never have. After learning more about herbal teas and remedies I think it would definitely be worth the time. Good luck with your planning! :)

  7. Maybe if you plant the rosemary near your house foundation to keep it warmer. We're not too far away from each other, and I know that the small garden bed against my south foundation seems to rarely freeze.
    As for purple tomatoes, I have grown Pruden's Purple as well as Cherokee Purple. Cherokee was darker (I think Pruden's was more pinkish) & had good flavor.
    Hope you are able to dig out from all the snow that is heading our way! We're ready here (physically but not mentally :-).


  8. I've had problems overwintering over rosemary here in Southern IL, we are zone 6 but barely. The one time I did it correctly was the one time I didn't take it with me as my roomies wanted it :( It was heavily surrounded by mulched leaves, etc that fall which I think was the key

  9. I've been so slow this year, I haven't got round to ordering any seeds yet.

  10. Judy,
    We sit between zone 5 and 6 in the high desert of Oregon. I lost one rosemary plant early on but have had the current one for several years. It is Tuscan Blue, hardy to about -10, so I keep it in a big pot on wheels and roll it into the garage if the weather is too cold. So nice to be able to cut a branch when making chicken or pot roast.


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