Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm back...

Miss me? We have been without internet service at home for a bit (maybe due to the ice storm we've had?) and I think I'm going through blog withdrawal. I do have a post up over at Homemakers Who Work today about my wonderful co-workers.
I'll try to play catch up on everyone's blog at some point. Maybe not tonight though. We're meeting with our realtor. We had an offer on our house in town but we're not thrilled about it. It's a really low-ball offer (about $20000 less than we're asking and not even as much as the assessed value of the house). We need to decide if we're going to counter offer or tell him to come back when he's ready to make a real offer. We wonder if he's thinking that we're desperate since it has been on the market for a while. We're not that desperate.
I'll keep you posted and try to put up some pictures of the beautiful but treacherous ice.


  1. Am glad your back. I did miss you and your family. Welcome home!...debbie

  2. We didn't have internet either for a while..At first I checked to see if I over looked my bill..It made me second guess..but I did pay and then I was getting texted messages from people to see if I had service.. Then people I know that are in Florida were having issues to at the same time..Something happened..I hear Media Com had problems in 6 states..Oh I do not like the icy we are going to get rain on top of all this snow sitting around...Could be worse... I will be praying that you get the $$'s you want for your home...Lisa

  3. Welcome back :-) The offer, $20,000 less is a LOT. I hope the offeror makes a more serious/realistic offer. Stand your ground!

  4. We made a counteroffer last night. We are pretty much at a take it or leave it point. The offer was made by an investment group that wants to use the house as a rental property so they're trying to see how desperate we are. We're not THAT desperate. Also, we recently dropped our asking price and that add hits the paper today so we'd like to see if we have any bites from that as well. We're gonna stand firm on this one. But we'll take all positive thoughts sent our way.

  5. Good girl, stand firm! That is probably exactly what they were thinking, that you may be desperate. the realtor probably hated bringing you the offer knowing it would aggravate you and there would be no sale and no commission! My friend sold their house finally in Seattle after a long time, so now all my good thoughts for selling will go your way, no more splitting the good luck wishes with someone else lol

  6. welcome back. good luck with the house


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