Monday, January 18, 2010

When bloggers meet

They exchange seeds of course!
I had the good fortune to meet a fellow blogger 'for real' this afternoon. Jen R of Emerald Sunshine and I discovered that we only live a few miles apart (maybe 15?). So she, her two lovely children and her brother all trekked down the highway to our house today. The children had hoped to go sledding on our hill but after a few runs decided that it was too icy and fast. So, they came in, had hot chocolate and watched cartoons with my children. Jen and her brother got the tour of the house (and all the unfinished projects), we chatted for a while and then got down to business exchanging seeds. What fun!!!
I'm excited to try out the seeds I got from her. There is a rainbow cauliflower mix and Rosse di Milano red onions but most exciting of all are a few seeds of Galeux D'Eysines pumpkin. Ooo. Fun!!! I'm going to have to expand the garden!
I had a lovely time, although, honestly, I was nervous about letting her in. I mean, really, she saw the cold cereal on top of the fridge (and a few 2 liter bottles of soda- gasp!!!). She got to see our chaotic, barely finished basement and that we still have a lot of things in boxes 6 months after we moved. Definitely no blog 'polish' here. I do hope I didn't scare her off. It's fun to know that someone 'out there' is really quite near.


  1. That is cool. I met a fellow blogger a while back. She stopped blogging and we lost contact for about a year. She just started back up and we are back in touch. It is a wonderful thing. We are not perfect here either. I'm a diet pepsi addict and my kids love oodles and noodles. You can't be "good" all the time!

  2. OH WHAT FUN!!! and as far as I'm concerned, your household is just like the rest of us. You will find cereal, pepsi, diet pepsi and a host of chips and just food at our house. I would love to meet up with one of my blogger friends. I am pretty close to Small Farm Girl, and had talked about meeting half way. She lives about an hour and a half from me. Pretty close. So far we just haven't gotten together. But I think we will eventually!!...debbie

  3. I think just the contrary - how refreshing it is to know that our blogger friends are real people with real messes underfoot and stuff stacked on top of the fridge!

  4. i have bloggy friends really spread out, but read about some who have met and fly back and forth to meet. I could get into a trip to California...but maybe a day trip across NY state to meet in NH or vermont will be more likely.
    And I freak out when people are coming here, because I find all kinds of things to do instead of clean, but usually if I tidy up, it all works out fine. And I may find that the people I am comfortable with live a lot like me anyway.
    Who knows, maybe we'll all be over this year...

  5. I agree, I think it'd be great to see blogger friends as-they-are, without any judgment. We're all human after all, and doing the best we can :-) Exciting to have a meet-up like that!


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