Friday, January 22, 2010

Weirdness and a discount

Things just keep getting odder and odder. We heard back from our realtor. Evidently the investment group that made an offer on our house in town accepted our counteroffer price. But they want to move the closing date to May 1. WTF!! We really don't want to sit on this house for an extra two months if we don't have to. Honestly, even though we are early days for this negotiation I'm about ready to tell them to come back when they can be reasonable. The new add for the house with the new, lower price went into the paper today so I'd hate to accept an offer from these guys (which was really the bare minimum of what we are willing to accept- but we offered 'as is' meaning we won't pay for any repairs that need to be made to bring it up to code for a rental) if there is the potential for something better out there. The housing 'season' is really just beginning here for the year. We've got a few days to think it over so maybe we won't accept it at all. Or we were thinking that maybe, if they really want to wait until May, they need to pay us more money, since we will still be paying taxes, utilities (even though minimal) and interest on the home equity loan we took out on it to finance the repairs on our new house. We'll see.
On a cheerier note. I got another email from Scott at Hometown Seeds yesterday. It goes as follows:


We at Hometown Seeds have been overwhelmed by the help given to us by the online gardening community. From advice on products, tips to improve our website, and links to help increase traffic to our site, we sincerely appreciate all you have done for us.

In appreciation for your help, we would like to offer a 10% discount on all of our products to you and your web community. By entering the coupon code thanks, 10% will be reduced from the total cost of any order. The code will be good through February 28, 2010. Feel free to offer this to your readers and visitors.



So, if you're interested in a 10% discount, check them out. They are NOT 100% heirloom seeds. They do have some hybrids that, if I remember, are clearly marked. But they do not sell genetically modified seeds.

And, I received an award from Yart. I'll post more about it later and select a few recipients. Thanks Yart!!


  1. Being a retired Real Estate agent, if you were my client, I would tell you to pass that offer up...sounds to me like they have something to sell also. However, You could do a contingency offer and Keep it on the market and if another offer comes in they have 48 hours to come up with some money or the contract is null and void...amen...debbie

  2. It's a very good post to know some details. Discount voucher codes are an exceptional technique of presenting buyers discounts, which is predominantly admired with online vendors. These are regularly not physical vouchers, like the conventional discount vouchers that were printed on paper, and that buyers had to present to store clerks to get discounts.

  3. I too, was approached by them to put a tab for them on my blog page. They are sending me free seed. They seem like a decent company so why not? Free seed! When I emailed their marketer back the other day I told her that I had heard of them through your blog post and that you had helped clear up a rumor about the GMO seed and that I was impressed by the way they got back to you and resolved it. Hope that helped!
    As far as the house, it sounds like that firm is hoping you don't want to wait that long and will agree to the lower offer. I hope you are able to work it so you won't be responsible for the taxes on the property until the sale goes through. May is a long way away when there are monthly payments involved!


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