Sunday, January 10, 2010


They're what's for dinner!??
V took a turn in the kitchen this evening, showing off his cooking skills and his sense of humor...
Hard at work.
Making hamsters!
Ok, they are really his take on Chicken Cordon Bleu- with the addition of bacon 'ears'. Calling this dish hamsters has a long history in our family but the ears were a first!
Baking away all cozy in the oven.
Poor little tasty things...
They were really yummy and it was fun to see the reaction of the children. And speaking of children... while we were gone last night, J15 cut K9's hair! Ok, he was looking pretty shaggy and needed it but....
She did a really great job!
She may have just earned herself a new task. She said she looked it up on Wiki-how. Who knew....

It's been kind of fun recently, I've had several new readers commenting... Welcome along on our crazy journey! It's nice to 'meet' you.


  1. Ummmmm...the hamsters looked mighty fine. Nice Golden brown. Did any of the kids not want to eat it?? lol how funny! As for the hair cutting skills of your daughter - not bad for the first time. Madison cut her hair once when she was a new three. She took the scissors above her ears and cut, on both sides. The hair dresser did manage to blend in MOST of it. It took months for it to grow out...but, it makes great and fond memories!!!...debbie

  2. Hi!! I'm new to your blog and loving all the posts =) Definitely have to save a link to this one for my oldest boy to see.

    We just got a hamster for Xmas and he was commenting he wondered what it would taste like. Where he came up with that I'll never know?!?! Probably just hormones, you know teenagers LOL

  3. this is just wrong, Judy! LOL, they DO look just like hamsters...too funny, might have to try that one on my kids someday!

  4. We loved the hamster dinner - what a great idea! We will be cooking that meal for someone special soon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like the hamsters, but I may have to cover their eyes before I dig in!!
    I bought clippers a couple of years ago when #2 son was getting into the short hair stage and always needing a trim. I told his sister, who is headed to college in the fall, that she needs to practice on him and then she can cut her way through least make some pizza money!!


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